What Does Doug DeMuro Say About the New Chevy Blazer EV?

YouTube personality Doug DeMuro is the automotive nerd of choice for many internet enthusiasts. He seems to find the strangest cars and gives his own interpretation of all their quirks and characteristics inside. But he also reviews new cars, trucks and SUVs, and recently got his hands on a preproduction version of the new Chevy Blazer EV. What does DeMuro think?

Doug says it’s better looking than a regular Blazer

The Chevy EV is expected to debut later this year as a 2024 model for . It will be the brand’s first large electric vehicle and promises space for five people with plenty of cargo space in the rear. Most of the specs haven’t been released, but DeMuro says it’s bigger than the standard Blazer he reviewed. The SS version in the video will be the top-of-the-line Blazer, which means it’s fully equipped and has all-wheel drive up to 560 horsepower.


What is the interior of the Blazer EV like?

2024 Chevy Blazer EVSS | Chevrolet

They only shoot a couple of videos of the Blazer EV. DeMuro’s is the first time we can see and receive comments on the interior. Inside, he’s got a lot of familiar design cues. He has circular turbine-like vents that will be instantly familiar to any Camaro owner.

It has a real knob! The radio has a volume knob, making it easy to turn down the music without taking your eyes off the road. The climate controls are also push buttons. Most of us hate having to go through touchscreen menus while driving just to find a fan-level switch. The buttons on the Blazer make it easy.

Like your grandfather’s Buick, the shifter is on the steering column, which saves space in the center console. The SS version has charging ports and a full panoramic sunroof. It should start at about .

The SS Version: Fastest EV SUV?

Blazer or Equinox?  Which Chevy EV SUV Should You Look For?

Demuro usually drives the vehicles he reviews at the end of his reviews. Unfortunately, Chevy wouldn’t let him drive the preproduction version of the Blazer EV. So, we’ll have to wait to get one for a while. We know he’ll have 560 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque on tap to beat and Ford.

You can order it in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, unless you’re a police officer, and then it’s available in rear-wheel drive. Its range should be 320 miles for the normal versions. SS Blazers with a different battery pack will only get 290 miles between charges. Speaking of charging, with DC fast charging, you can expect 78 miles of range for 10 minutes of charging (if you can find a fast charger).

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