Watch: Miracle Escape as Giant Concrete Slab Hits Car — Viral Video!

When driving, there are a variety of things that are dangerous. Whether it’s adverse weather conditions, distracted drivers or aggressive driving behaviour, you need to be aware of road hazards to ensure you get home safely. However, the last thing you would expect to see is a giant slab of concrete falling from the sky, as shown in a video from Russia.

A viral video on YouTube shows a huge concrete slab falling on a Nissan X-Trail SUV in Russia

A concrete slab fell on a car The Siberian Times via YouTube

He posted a video on YouTube of a huge slab of concrete falling from the sky crushing a compact Nissan X-Trail crossover. The X-Trail in Russia is similar to the Nissan Rogue sold in the North American market. The video was posted over two years ago, but has since gone viral.

A coastal city on the Pacific Ocean. In the aftermath of a severe storm with heavy freezing rain, the SUV was covered in ice and snow. As evidenced by CCTV video footage, Alexander, the 27-year-old driver, tried to scrape the ice off the windshield.

Then Alexander heard a strange sound from above. He looked up – and in shock, saw a giant concrete slab smashing into a nearby building. It crashes quickly—and crashes into the SUV, leaving it in a pile of twisted metal.

The driver miraculously escaped from the huge piece of concrete

Miraculously, Alexander barely manages to escape from the giant piece of concrete. Whether by a stroke of luck or reflexes, the concrete slab narrowly missed hitting it—by just a few inches. Drive behind the X-Trail SUV as the concrete hits the roof furiously.

Alexander continued to run away from his car while the slab of concrete remained strangely upright – as if he were the new occupant. He, who is married and has a daughter, also said that shortly before the accident, his wife Daria “went upstairs to get some hot water to help her clean up.” Fortunately, neither of them was hurt. As one commenter on the video wrote, “The moral of this story is ‘cars can be replaced, humans can’t. ‘ In that case, well done, human.”

The collapse of the building followed heavy freezing rain and strong winds in Siberia

In a viral YouTube video from Russia, a large concrete slab is erected in a destroyed car after it fell from the building.
Concrete slab in the car | The Siberian Times via YouTube
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Poor building construction may have played a role in the concrete slab falling onto the vehicle. But the accident happened after a severe storm hit Russia. With heavy freezing rain and strong winds, the storm turned Vladivostok and the surrounding area into a “frozen land”. The Siberian Times also called it a “winter apocalypse”.

The storm negatively affected critical infrastructure systems, leaving 120,000 people without power, and many more losing access to heat and water. Roads and bridges were also closed, flights were delayed, and the authorities urged residents to stay at home.

Also, along with the concrete slab that hit the Nissan X-Trail SUV, a concrete pillar fell on the Toyota Passo minivan. Its roof and rear section were smashed.

In terms of A, the above dangers are rare. However, some roads, such as the Big Sur section of the Pacific Coast Highway in California, have landslides and falling rocks. Make sure to drive carefully and slowly if you are traveling on a road marked by falling rocks, especially after heavy rain.

Also, a YouTube video of a concrete slab falling onto a car highlights the dangers of winter driving. If there is a severe winter storm, don’t drive unless absolutely necessary. Moreover, drive slowly on snowy and icy roads, and make sure your car increases behind other cars.

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