Will a New Chevelle Destroy Blacktop On Roads Near You Soon?

When enthusiasts of any age get together, a few names dominate the conversation. Sure, you have pony cars like the Ford Mustang and classic Mopars like the Dodge Charger and. However, Chevrolet has created some properly awesome muscle cars, like the venerable Chevelle SS. However, with industry shifts toward alternative energy and fuel efficiency, is there any room for a new Chevelle like the 70/SS?

Will there be a new Chevrolet Chevelle?

Fans can celebrate. There will be a 2024 Chevy Chevelle, but not in the way you might expect or even want. The Chevelle 70/SS will be a custom vintage build, which fans can commission in a number of colors and engine options.

, The new Chevelle uses the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro as a donor car, but you may not know it at a glance. Trans Am Worldwide transforms the exterior to pay homage to the 1970 Chevelle SS with its four round headlights and stacked tail lights. Furthermore, the vehicle’s panels, from the quarters to the rear bumper, create a modern Chevelle aesthetic.

Moving inside, the new muscle car has a nicely decorated, streamlined interior. The vintage-inspired seats and rugs maintain their classic appeal despite modern amenities like a touchscreen infotainment system. In the middle, the old-school white-ball transmission begs the driver to cruise through the optional gears just like a classic Chevelle SS.

Chevy Chevelle SS | Stephen Kelly, Enthusiast Network via Getty Images

What engine will the new 70 / SS have?

The new Chevelle 70/SS will pack a 450-horsepower LT1 V8. However, the naturally aspirated LT1 V8 isn’t the only engine in the vintage-inspired model library. Alternatively, prospective owners can commission Trans Am Worldwide to stick 396 cubic inches under the hood. This engine will produce up to 900 horsepower.

Well, sure that’s good enough, right? It’s a classic muscle car with a roof top and 900 horsepower thanks to a historically accurate displacement V8. not exactly. Fans who hate their tires can opt for the twin-turbocharged 454-cubic-inch V8 that cranks out 1,500 horsepower.

The Chevelle SS shows off its silhouette, which inspired the new 70/SS.
Chevy Chevelle SS | Toru Yamanaka, AFP via Getty Images

We see? Muscle cars aren’t completely dead. However, the starting price for one of these special builds isn’t quite at stock Camaro levels.

How much does a 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle cost?

If you want a 2024 Chevy Chevelle 70/SS from Trans Am Worldwide, you will have to pay to play. According to , each build starts at over $100,000. What’s more, the Chevelle build with its 1,500-hp twin-turbo V8 will be limited to just 25 copies, so it will quickly disappear.


What will replace the Camaro after 2024?

Unfortunately, the Chevelle will not be the direct replacement for the Camaro, despite the Camaro being the 70/SS’ benefactor. Instead, the automaker will likely replace the beloved muscle car with a hybrid or electrified variant sometime after 2024.

What do you think of the new retro-inspired Special Edition? Tell us in the comments below!

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