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Want To Get More Facebook Likes For Free? Here’s How

Do you want to increase your audience on Facebook?

If you want to reach a portion of the billions of users around the world on Facebook, one of the first steps is to encourage them to like your Facebook page.

There is some debate about the value of the Facebook audience.

According to research by We Are Social, Pages with fewer than 10,000 fans can expect up to 0.29% Engage with their page posts. Larger pages with more than 100,000 fans can expect up to 0.05% engagement.

The number of fans you have can affect consumer perception of your business.

For example, what if your business has just over 100 fans and a competitor has just over 1,000 fans. A consumer comparing your companies may assume that your competitor is more popular and therefore better.

In this article, you will find a specific way to get more fans to your Facebook page without paying for Facebook ads.

Facebook invite to follow feature

As with most features, you may find this option on your Facebook page depending on your page’s category and current audience size.

To see if this feature is available for your Facebook page, visit your page while logged into your personal profile.

Click the three dots below your Page’s cover photo, then click the “Invite to Follow” link.

Shot by the author, December 2021

On some Pages, you may also see a blue Invite Friends button below the Create your Page Audience heading.

When you click on the “Invite Friends” or “Invite to Follow” button, select the friends you think will be interested in your page. There is a limit to the number of invitations you can send per day. Facebook says:

“To protect against spam, we limit the number of invitations you can send per day. Invite up to 200 friends now, and come back tomorrow to send more.”

Once you reach your limit, Facebook will tell you as much. Check back in a day or two to see if you can start inviting more people who engage with your posts.

You can also find the invite option in the Facebook app. Go to your page while logged into your personal account. Click on the three dots and choose the Invite to continue option.

New button borders

As mentioned, there is a limit to the number of invitations you can send per day.

If you reach your daily limit, Facebook will notify you. You will then have to wait a day or two before you can start sending out new invites.


The results of this approach depend on the people you connect with on your personal Facebook account.

Will your friends be interested in your page just because of its content and likes? Or will they simply like you because you are Facebook acquaintances?

Either way, you are more likely to get a crush on a friend via this method than inviting a complete stranger who is unfamiliar with you or your work.

The idea behind the button is to allow Facebook users to contact Pages they like using the word-of-mouth invitation option.

The alternative is to invest in a Facebook Ads campaign in an effort to build your Facebook audience by promoting your Page content.

More tips to increase Facebook likes

In addition to using an invite button, here are additional ways you can increase your Facebook page likes.

Ask and answer questions

People come to social media to interact with others. A great way to interact with your audience is to ask questions.

You can find inspiration for the best questions to ask on sites like Answer the Public and Quora.

In addition to asking your audience questions, find the questions asked on Facebook. Start by joining groups in your industry such as your Facebook Page.

On a desktop browser, go to Facebook and switch accounts to use your Page.

Switch to the Facebook pageShot by the author, December 2021

Once you are logged in as your page, go to Groups and search for groups in your industry. It will display the groups you can join on your Page in the results.

After joining some groups, see if they can participate. If there are a lot of posts with comments, monitor new posts for questions that you as your Page can answer.

Create a group

In October 2020, Facebook shared data that showed 1.8 billion People use Facebook groups. To take advantage of this, create a group with your page.

Once you are logged in as your Facebook page, go to Groups and create a group. It should show your page as admin and first member instead of your profile.

After configuring your group settings, you can invite users who liked your page to your group.

Be sure to post some ready-to-share posts in the group to help get new members talking and eventually invite their friends to join (depending on your group settings).

This is where you can get your new page likes!

Facebook Group invitesShot by the author, December 2021

Use the video

As shown in a slide from the We Are Social research mentioned earlier, the engagement rate for Facebook page video posts is 0.09%, which is higher than the overall engagement rate for posts.

Thus, you should be looking for ways to incorporate video into your Facebook marketing.

The more people you reach with your videos, the more new likes you can get.

Popular videos on the Video tab of the Facebook app will have a follow link next to the name of the page you posted.

Facebook video likesScreenshot by author, November 2021

Humanized content sharing

If you really want to connect with the masses, start sharing content that focuses on the people your business engages with.

Don’t just post about products and services if you want people to share your Facebook posts with their colleagues.

personal contentScreenshot by author, November 2021

The more shares you receive for your content, the more potential new followers you will reach and likes you will gain for your page.

Industry news report

Be the source people can trust for the latest industry news. If you can be the first to report breaking news, people are more likely to share your Page posts with their networks.

This increases your page’s reach and its ability to get likes.

Is it worth buying Facebook likes?

Although this article focuses on free methods of getting Facebook likes, we wanted to address one of the most important questions asked about increasing your social media presence.

In short, it is not always a good idea to buy likes.

Here’s why.

When you buy followers and likes for your page, you will not have fans who are truly interested in your business. They will provide little or no interaction with your content.

Facebook may interpret this as a page that does not create content that is of interest to its large number of fans. Hence, he will not reach the post that generated likes, comments and shares.

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