The Third-Party Cookie Ban: Unlocking The Secrets Of First-Party Data [Podcast]

Third-party cookies are on the way out, but the deep data connection to your prospective audience isn’t completely gone.

This shift to first-party data allows you to identify and own the valid preferences of your audience, giving you greater control over your content strategy, customer experience, and marketing journey.

First party cookies are now your golden ticket to an optimal user experience and higher conversions.

But how do you get your email subscribers to share their preferences with your brand?

How do you get the information you need to personalize their experience?

Anne Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, joins me on the SEJ Show to give you proven steps for collecting first-party cookies.

In this podcast, you’ll learn to connect with your audience, maintain relevant marketing campaigns, and grow your own audience to convert. Available on YoutubeAnd the Apple PodcastAnd the Google PodcastAnd the Spotifyor wherever you listen to it.

When I look at this cookie or the idea of ​​a post-cookie world, and when I look more holistically at what’s happening in digital marketing, I think we have an opportunity to not think of cookie death as death (in some ways, it’s because It is that we have lost this access to parts of the third party data) but actually to reframe it as an opportunity to restart our customer relationships. – Ann Handley, 25:32

New email again. – Ann Handley, 23:09

Sometimes there is more to overcompensating in the short term rather than playing the long game. Playing the long game is what we can do from a content perspective.– Lauren Baker 48:07

[00:00] – Anne Handley wallpaper.
[06:25] The pillars of creating great content.
[09:24] An example of an airline using good content.
[12:18] Are avatars important when writing?
[13:15] It’s our job as marketers when it comes to writing.
[16:40] – Google vs. Safari drops third-party cookies.
[16:67] How to link your content to something newsworthy.
[21:46] Tips for opening emails and adding value to your list.
[30:43] Companies that have humanized their approach to content.
[33:00] – An example of how JetBlue handles its content.
[36:07] Anne’s thoughts on building subscriber lists on social media channels.
[40:18] Other ways to use your email newsletter lists.
[51:32] – Content marketing ideas to take “offline”.
[52:28] – A good example of printed content.
[62:38] How do you get your content to people?

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Part of the reason I believe so strongly in email and whether or not it’s a post-cookie world is because it’s a massive opportunity to communicate directly with one person at a time. – Ann Handley, 24:08

You will reduce the amount of retargeting, remarketing, and data that third parties have about you, but first parties may be able to obtain.– Lauren Baker, 18:35

Instead of dealing with your marketing with this level of anxiety… if we do our work directly from a content and SEO point of view, it will eventually pay off in the long run. I think sometimes the reason short-term thinking happens is because we have this anxiety around it.– Ann Handley, 48:32

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Ann is a pioneer in the world of digital marketing. A Wall Street Journal bestselling author, LinkedIn influencer and writer, Partner at MarketingProfs, and Founder of ClickZ, she has left an indelible mark on the way we think about content and marketing.

She handles the difficult subjects of content writing and marketing adroitly. An expert in her field, she has authored two best-selling books, Everyone Writes and Content Rules.

Her influence extends far beyond being a speaker and author, as Ann has guided numerous companies to develop marketing strategies that work.

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