Google Ads Allows Stock Photos For Image Extensions

Google Ads is relaxing its policy on using stock images in image extensions, which means you’re no longer required to source your visuals.

This update is part of a series of changes to Image Extensions, which also includes the ability to display them in desktop ads.

Here is an overview of all the updates that have been made to Image Extensions and how they can help your business.

Create Google Ads image extensions with Stock Photos

Google makes image extensions easy to use by offering a searchable library of stock images that can be used for free in ads.

This change is being rolled out in response to feedback that getting unique visuals is a challenge for many people who want to enhance their ads with image extensions.

Now, when asked to choose a visual for the Image Extension, you can select the “Stocked Pictures” option.

After you’ve found the image you’d like to use, you can crop it to a square or landscape format before applying it to your extension.

As a best practice, Google recommends that you use at least three visual elements in your image extensions.

Image extensions now appear in desktop ads

In the next few weeks, Google will start showing image extensions in desktop ads.

Previously, image extensions were limited to mobile ads.

Screenshot from: Dec 2021.

If you are already using Image Extensions with Google Ads, there is no need to do anything else as they will be displayed on your desktop automatically.

You can view the performance of your ads with image extensions on desktop performance by breaking down the performance data by Device.

This update also applies to dynamic image extensions.

Use dynamic image extensions with any language

Previously, dynamic image additions were only available in English. Now, they are available for all languages.

What makes dynamic image extensions different is that they use machine learning to identify the most relevant visual elements from your landing page to attach to your ad.

To use dynamic image plugins, subscribe from Accessories page in your account.

Once you sign up, Google will add images from your landing pages to the corresponding ad groups in your search campaigns

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured image: nikkimeel/Shutterstock

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