Paid Search In A Cookieless World: Are You Ready?

A world without cookies: What would this big change do for your company or your customers?

How does this impact of digital advertising affect the quality of leads from your paid marketing campaigns?

Getting rid of third-party cookies means Google will become more than just a walled garden.

How will you adapt to overcome this change?

On February 9th, I moderated a webinar sponsored by Sreekant Lanka, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions at iQuanti.

Lanka demonstrated success beyond cookie and new strategies to drive performance and quality acquisitions.

Here is a quick summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, Complete the application.

The evolving privacy landscape

When it comes to cookies and browsing data, the landscape of privacy regulation is evolving from a user, advertising, and platform perspective.

Marketers need to keep up.

1. The customer’s mindset is changing.

2. There are quick changes in the cookie scene.

3. The privacy policy landscape is driving technology changes.

Focus on privacy began in 2018, which has led to changes in the legal and technological landscape.

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Impact on advertising capabilities

The move to privacy first has major implications for the entire digital ecosystem.

A world without cookies will affect these channels:

  • software demo.
  • Paid social.
  • Paid search.

At the meta level, these are some of the additional capabilities that will be affected:

  • identity accuracy.
  • targeting.
  • Reach and frequency tracking.
  • Measurement and attribution.
  • Fraud detection.
iQuanti, February 2022

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google solution

Google has come up with proposals in the privacy sandbox, which will help provide anonymous browsing.

Paid Search in a Cookie-Free World: Are You Ready?iQuanti, February 2022

The three things that will affect search from Google’s privacy sandbox:

  • API threads.
  • Attribution reporting.
  • Turtledove.

Other players in the market are also changing a lot about the identity space on every other platform.

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What should search marketers do?

With competition for paid search increasing, what should search marketers do?

7 tactics you can start doing today

  1. Renew focus on increasing campaign efficiency.
  2. Maximize the potential of first-party data.
  3. Take advantage of paid search in the middle of the funnel.
  4. Maximize the potential of the Google Marketing Platform.
  5. Create a long-term strategy for the MarTech stack.
  6. A solution for measurement and attribution.

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How to build results in paid search:

Step 1: Maximize the potential of first-party data.

Step 2: Focus on efficiency with keyword expansion and ad copy to landing page tactics.

Step 3: Onboard with offline data and conversion feed used in paid campaigns to improve ROAS.

The fourth step: breaking regulation silos; The Branding, Acquisition, Technology and Analytics teams work together.

Fifth step: Build a marketing and data ecosystem by implementing the full GMP stack and MarTech Stack

Sixth step: Stronger focus on ROAS to drive long-term efficiencies.

Seventh step: A measurement and attribution solution to increase the efficiency of media budgets.

Eighth step: Continuously improve tactics across channels to minimize impact changes.

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Although there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future and many things that you can’t control, you can still take steps to make sure you’re on top.

main sockets

  • Keep a close eye on the latest developments in the industry, such as Google Sandbox initiatives, initiatives led by identity resolution, browser and device changes, etc.
  • Test alternative tactics that address optimizing targeting, measurement, and data utilization early on to discover the best channels for your business and build a future-proof corporate strategy.
  • Start building a robust infrastructure that leverages first-party data capabilities and ensures compliance with new privacy regulations.

[Slides] Paid Search in a Cookie-Free World: Are You Ready?

Here is the presentation:

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