New Integration For GA4 And Search Ads 360

With the discontinuation of Universal Analytics in July 2023, Google has introduced a new integration for Google Analytics 4 and Search Ads 360. This integration provides sharing of valuable and necessary data between the two platforms.

If you’re running Search Ads 360, see these tips and benefits for integrating with Google Analytics 4.

What are the benefits of integration?

There are several benefits to merging these two data sources and accounts together:

  • Analytics 4 conversions exported to Search Ads 360
  • Import Search Ads 360 campaign and cost data into Analytics 4
  • Site and app engagement metrics are available in Analytics 4 in Search Ads 360

These features are compatible with the previous options to connect Universal Analytics and Search Ads 360.

Navigate reporting across channels

One of the main benefits of connecting Search Ads 360 and Google Analytics 4 is its ability to report on metrics across channels. You’ll be able to review cross-channel attribution for search ads in these reports:

  • Model comparison
  • Conversion path
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You’ll be able to access user, session, and conversion metrics across different dimensions of:

  • source / medium
  • military campaign
  • channel

To review the acquisition across channels, you can find it in the Acquisition report.

How to create an integration link

You must be a Google Analytics 4 editor and administrator of your Search Ads 360 account to link the two platforms.

To get started, you will go to the “Administrator” section of your Google Analytics account. From there, you’ll find link options under the “Location” column.

  • Location >> Product Links >> Search Ads 360

There are some key callouts to keep in mind when linking the two platforms.

  • Enable Auto-Tagging is on by default. There is no way to change this setting when linking.
  • Continue with the “Enable Campaign Attribution” setting. This allows conversions to be exported to Search Ads 360.

How to export conversions

To export Analytics 4 conversions, you need to enable the setting when creating the integration link. Simply turn on the ‘Enable Campaign Attribution’ setting under Site setting.

Conversion export is available for any conversion that uses the cross-channel last click attribution model.


You don’t want to leave valuable conversion reports on the table. By integrating the two platforms, you’ll be able to tie your marketing efforts more precisely to your overall business strategy. The integration will be valuable if you’re currently sharing conversions from Universal Analytics or importing campaign data into those sites.

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