The Ford F-Series Is America’s Best-Selling Truck, With 1 Sold Every 49 Seconds

The good news keeps coming as the Ford F-Series remains the best-selling truck in America for the 46th year. Not only that, but the F-Series truck has been the best-selling vehicle in America for 41 years. The automaker has something for everyone, from the base-level F-150 to the absurd electric.

The best-selling truck in America remains the Ford F-Series

Do it again! After 46 years, the Ford F-Series is still the best-selling truck in America. In 2022, Ford sold 640,000 trucks alone and estimated one F-Series truck every 49 seconds. There are various ways to configure the F-Series truck, from all the way up to the F-550 Heavy Duty version.

Sales of the Maverick were around 70,000 for the 2022 model year in November, while the Ranger was already over 50,000. So while the F-Series is America’s best-selling truck, there are plenty of other options in Ford’s lineup.

Some defected buyers were from last year, which means there are many promised trucks in production. While the semiconductor chip shortage has slowed somewhat, there is hope that production can be ramped up soon. The new Ranger hits other markets in 2023, but a new version may appear in the US later. Whatever the automaker does behind the scenes undoubtedly translates into sales.


As 2023 continues, Ford has plenty of options to keep buyers occupied and interested. Ford Trucks, including the E-Series, Transit, Transit Connect and Heavy-Duty trucks, sold 853,894 units by the end of November.

Some of the must-haves in the lineup that aren’t trucks include the Ford Transit van, Ford Bronco SUV, and even the Lincoln Corsair SUV. Not to mention, the all-electric Mustang, conventional gasoline, and all-wheel drive SUV, like the Expedition, Edge, and Explorer, are still big sellers.

It makes sense that Ford would have America’s best-selling truck in the F-series, but it doesn’t end there. While some brands have trimmed their lineups, Ford continues to add vehicles that people want to buy.

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