SUVs Reign Supreme as 2022’s Top-Selling Used Cars

While the auto industry went through a lot last year, the top-selling used cars of 2022 were mostly . According to sales data, five of the 10 most popular used cars last year were of different sizes. This trend can be attributed to the increased demand for larger vehicles that accommodate families and offer more storage space. Additionally, SUVs offer more versatility and capability than sedans or trucks.

The top-selling used cars of 2022 include the Chevrolet Equinox SUV

A Chevrolet Equinox SUV | Stan Honda/AFP via Getty Images

You could tell it did the math, looking at nearly 10 million one- to five-year-old cars on the road in 2022. While the top three spots were occupied by pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers dominated the rest of the list. That said, last year’s sales accounted for 2.2% of total used car sales. In 2021, the Chevy SUV was the seventh most popular used car, accounting for 1.8% of sales.

. Of the best-selling used cars of 2022, the RAV4 and Rogue SUVs each accounted for 1.7% of sales. In 2021, the RAV4 had the same amount of sales, but the Rogue was up slightly at 1.9%. These SUVs have proven popular with consumers with a combination of reliable performance, fuel efficiency and advanced technology features.

“Buyers continue to prioritize the utility and flexibility offered by SUVs. Second only to full-size trucks, compact crossovers have become the most sought-after vehicle in the United States, as reflected in our most popular list.

Karl Brauer | iSeeCars Executive Analyst

Further down the list of most popular used cars in 2022, the Ford Escape and Jeep Grand Cherokee are still in the top 10. All of the sport-utility vehicles on the list have reasonable starting prices, ranging from $26,600 for the Equinox at $41,530 for the Grand Cherokee.


Beating out SUVs, the most popular used trucks of 2022 were , Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500. This is mainly due to the reputation for durability, reliability and ability to meet the needs of a wide range of drivers. Sales of these three vehicles alone accounted for more than 8% of all used car sales last year.

The best-selling used cars of 2022 had a good mix of brands and sizes, but buyers preferred affordable SUVs over anything else. Pickup trucks made up a large portion of sales, but they’re not a good fit for all family vehicles. Likewise, sedans offer a lot of safety but not enough space. While there are more EVs in the mix for 2023, it will be interesting to see how buyer preferences change over the course of this year.

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