Most Watched Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Crash Test Videos in 2022

Crash tests, trucks, and that’s nothing new, but it’s been increasingly important in recent years. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s crash tests are all on YouTube; these are the five most popular videos of 2022. With everything from modern to less modern subcompact cars, the IIHS puts it all to the test.

Tesla had the most viewed Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash test video

This is your chance if you are not up to date on crash test videos. With the most views in 2022, the 2021 Tesla Model Y crash test video came in first with 273,000 views. Following testing, the Model Y received the Top Safety Pick Plus for vehicles built after April 2021.


An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash test | Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There are a few videos for the , but the driver side small overlap test is the most popular. This test runs at 40 mph and has more than 154,000 views at the time of publishing. The Bronco received an overall rating of “good,” but the headrests and headlights held it back from any awards.

Videos for the are also popular, with nearly 200,000 views in the past seven months. The Jeep Wrangler is a popular SUV, so it makes sense that people are interested in how safe it is. For overall rating, the Jeep Wrangler received a below-average score of “marginal”.

People watched more than 207,800 hours of crash test videos from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2022. As safety measures continue to become more stringent, IIHS testing will continue to help buyers find safe cars, trucks and SUVs .

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