Skip the TRD: The Toyota Trail Edition Is the Best Deal in Off-Road Tacomas

You don’t have to be a Toyota fan to know that the TRD Tacoma is off-road beasts. It comes with all the bells and whistles you could need to tackle some of the toughest trails. But what if you don’t want all that, or spend close to $50,000 on a device that’s going to beat you? Fortunately, Toyota makes this one which adds some good off-road goodies, but not the high price tag.

What is the Trail Special Edition Tacoma?

2023 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition | Toyota

What happens when you take a Tacoma and add a 1.1-inch lift, mud tires, some skid plates, and a rear locking differential? You get the Trail Special Edition. Yes, this truck is pretty basic, like the SR5. It gives up a lot of the technology and other goodies that pricier TRD trucks come with. But it looks great and with its long stance, 9.4 inches of clearance, and Trail badge, it sure might confuse many into thinking it’s a TRD.


What does the Tacoma Trail Edition not have?

TRD packages contain many options that the Trail Edition does not. For example, the TRD Pro has Toyota’s Multi-Terrain Monitor with a camera, which uses the truck’s computer to help find grip, as well as Magic Crawl Control. It also comes standard with several Trail options, such as navigation. While the Trail has a lifted suspension, it doesn’t have the Pro’s Fox shocks.

The two have the same all-wheel drive system, skid plates, and V6.

What is the TRD package on a Toyota Tacoma?

2023 Toyota Trail Edition
2023 Toyota Trail Edition | Toyota
Is the Toyota Tacoma still a good truck?

There are three versions of the Toyota Racing Development package on the Tacoma. This is the lower-priced version, built more for on-road fun with a stiffer, road-biased suspension and hood scoop. The TRD Off-Road and Pro versions are designed to tackle tougher trails, but they cost close to $50,000. The Crawl Control system can, for example, get the TRD out of deep sand or mud.

Although the SR5 Trail Edition splits the difference between and. It doesn’t have all the goodies you get in a TRD, but it’s more capable than the SR5. For cheap off-road thrills, and the option to spin a jump wheel with a locking differential, the Trail Edition might just give you the off-road capability you want without the price.

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