Ram Revolution Debut: Tron Meets the Modern Worksite With New EV Truck

With a bold introduction to ’70s science fiction, Ram introduced the new truck. The Ram is the new all-electric vehicle, and it looks like it will take on not only the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV, but also the Rivian R1T truck. The new truck promises suicide doors, fast charging, an 18-foot bed, and all-wheel drive thanks to (at least) two electric motors. What else did the test car reveal to us about the 2024 Ram Revolution truck?

The Ram Revolution was featured on YouTube and at CES

Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | RAM

In an interesting move, Ram decided to be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, rather than showcasing cars. But CES makes sense in some ways because this is where tech heads go to see the latest gadgets and electronics. You can watch the official commercial release at.

The Ram Revolution is, for now, just a concept. Although Ram has talked about the truck’s capability, it hasn’t shared many specs yet. It should have a range of 500 miles. Unlike General Motors trucks built on a skateboard-like platform, this truck has a traditional frame and skateboard to accommodate the batteries and motors. It has four wheel steering, and the rear wheels have 15 degrees of rear wheel steering.

Ram decided to keep the power, torque, final range numbers and battery capacity a secret. But, it has the latest 800-volt fast-charging capability, which Ram says gives it 100 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging.

Pricing has not been released but the light F-150 starts at $57,000. First versions of the Silverado will start at around $75,000, but Chevy has promised a work truck version that should start around $40,000. Pricing for the Silverado EV Denali First Edition starts at $107,000. So, if Ram is pricing it to compete with other EV trucks on the market, it has to be very expensive.

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