New Google Ads Feature: Account-Level Negative Keywords

Google Ads Coordinator Jenny Marvin announced that negative keywords at the account level are now available to Google Ads advertisers worldwide.

The feature, which was first announced last year and has been in testing for several months, allows advertisers to add keywords to exclude traffic from all search and shopping campaigns, in addition to the search and shopping portion of Performance Max, in order to increase brand security and relevancy.

Advertisers can access this feature from their account settings page to ensure their campaigns align with their brand values ​​and target audience.

This is particularly important for brands that want to avoid appearing in contexts that could be inappropriate or damage their reputation.

In addition to the brand security benefits, adding negative keywords at the account level makes the campaign management process more efficient for advertisers.

Instead of adding negative keywords to individual campaigns, advertisers can manage them at the account level, which saves time and reduces the chances of human error.

You no longer have to worry about repeating negative keywords in multiple campaigns or missing out on anything vital to your brand integrity.

Additionally, negative keywords at the account level can improve ad targeting accuracy by excluding irrelevant or low-performing keywords that may negatively impact campaign performance. This can lead to higher quality traffic and a better ROI.

Google Ads presents a collection of existing files Brand relevance controlsincluding inventory types, digital content tags, placement exclusions, and negative keywords at the campaign level.

Marvin added that Google Ads is expanding negative keywords at the account level to address different use cases and he’ll have more to share soon.

This launch is necessary to give brands more control over their advertising and ensure their campaigns are targeted to the right audience.

Featured image: Primakov/Shutterstock

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