Must-Have Anti-Fraud Features To Protect Your Ad Campaigns [Checklist]

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Did you know that bots can take up a significant portion of your advertising budget?

This is correct.

You may not be aware of their malicious activity until it is too late.

your target audience? Don’t see your ads.

your investments? Lost.

But there is a way out.

Modern anti-fraud technologies allow advertisers and brands to detect fake traffic, distinguishing even humanoid bots from real users. Also, these tools can help you weed out invalid traffic sources, analyze your performance, and generate detailed reports.

via ADEX For example, we’d like to show you exactly how these tracking and prevention systems can help you keep your traffic clean and pristine.

Must have features to protect your business from bots

What features can save your ads from malicious bots?

We have prepared the essential feature set to save your budget from unnecessary waste.

Fraudulent traffic redirection

One of the best things you can do with fake traffic is to spot it and get rid of it.

The redirect feature checks each user and determines whether their behavior is normal and honest. If any of them look suspicious, they will be sent to an empty page, called a “dummy”, instead of your landing page.

The filters are accurate enough – they analyze visitors by many factors in addition to your customized requirements.

As such, neither your advertising budget nor your brand’s online presence is in jeopardy. Redirect is one of the most efficient and simple tools to keep your business safe.

One of our clients suspected that his traffic was partially invalid and used the redirect feature to send infected streams to another URL. As such, he avoided paying for bogus transfers and saved about $17,000 from his weekly budget. You will find all the details in this Case Study.

Real time analysis using API tool

Timely analysis and reporting is central to every marketing campaign.

If you’re striving for better results, automated data collection and processing tools are essential – not only because they’re accurate, but they’re also time-saving.

And speed can protect you from further dangers – you have a chance to prevent them rather than solve the problem later.

The API generates tokens for your system, accesses your data, analyzes it, and improves things (eg turning off unproductive areas). These tools guarantee detailed and meaningful results without extensive efforts.


To prevent fraud risks, you must track and identify suspicious activity in real time. The conversion reporting feature notifies you of all the fake actions that happen in your system.

You are the one who sets the necessary anti-fraud standards and flags unreliable traffic sources.

The tool detects potentially dangerous activity and sends you alerts. With accurate data in hand, you can decide which traffic sources to block – whether it’s a website or an entire country.

The main benefit of Reposts features is timely threat detection – you get alerts about suspicious actions before they harm your campaign.

JS Tag easily integrates with Google Tag Manager

An additional anti-fraud shield is JS Tag, which is a script executed directly in the HTML of your webpage created to track and eliminate bots. JS Tag detects fraudulent activity at the deepest level and ensures that complex bot types are not bypassed.

JS Tag can be integrated with Google Tag Manager, making your workflow straightforward and simple.

Custom reports for refunds

Even if you miss the moment to detect and exclude a fraudulent traffic source, you can still request a refund. You should be aware that traffic providers are not inspired to give your money back. However, there is a way to convince them.

With ADEXYou can form a customized report full of evidence and evidence. The reports are formed according to the most stringent industry standards and include all the necessary elements (source ID, fraud percentage, fraud types, and statistics) to make your claim impossible to ignore.

After you submit the report, the struggle to get your money back doesn’t end – it’s just the beginning. The main difference between ADEX and other anti-fraud tools is that our managers support you through the whole process.

During disputes, traffic providers usually ask for more details to make sure you deserve a refund. Thanks to the support of managers and accurate data, you have much more chances to get your money back. Struggle against robots is never easy and it requires your attention on different levels.

Your anti-fraud arsenal should include the following weapons: fraud detection and analysis, prevention, retargeting, and reporting tools. You can find them all at ADEX.

Reasons to choose Adex as your anti-fraud solution

There is no doubt that fraud detection and protection are absolutely essential.

Here are the reasons why you should choose ADEX.

Acknowledgments from the global advertising community

Our expertise is confirmed by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the European Association of Digital Marketing Professionals. ADEX has achieved IAB TCF (Transparency and Consent Framework) certification and became a member of IAB Hellas this year.

We are proud that our exploration work and desire for transparency has been recognized globally.

ADEX passed simple verification by Google

Now our company is listed in Google Vendors. The efficiency and reliability of our solutions has been justified by the largest company specializing in Internet-related services.

This certification proves that our practices comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Google standards.

Smooth implementation of all features

The system works with a code snippet, while all settings are customizable to your needs.

Best of all – advanced security measures don’t compromise your interface and keep your user experience as comfortable as ever.

Managers are on your side

Our team of anti-fraud experts is ready to support you at any time.

Whether you are ready to win a refund dispute or need advice on any fraud related issues, our managers and analysts will help you.

Various needs are easily covered

Our tools work great for individual advertisers, large businesses, and ad networks. We create solutions to ensure pure traffic for all.

Automation to save your time

Most of our tools require minimal manual work – you just need to integrate them into your system and set the correct parameters.

Evaluation, analysis and optimization are done by advanced algorithms.

Bots are harmful in many ways and every advertiser or brand is at risk.

However, everything depends on how much you are ready to take on the difficulties and give them a nice counter strike.

Anti-ad fraud features are your shield and sword in this struggle, so make sure you have them on hand. All the tools described are available to you at ADEX program.

Featured image: Adex image. Used with permission.

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