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LinkedIn Adds Live Video & Newsletters To Creator Mode

LinkedIn publishes access to live video and newsletters to users who have Creator Mode enabled on their profiles.

This update is rolling out gradually throughout the month for users who don’t already have access to live video and newsletters.

With Creator Mode enabled on your profile, there is nothing you need to do other than wait for the features to activate.

If you don’t have Creator Mode activated, or you don’t know what Creator Mode is, continue reading the following sections to learn more about it.

What is LinkedIn Creator Mode?

As the name suggests, Creator Mode is a free upgrade for user profiles designed for users who specialize in content creation.

All users can enable Creator Mode if they choose to, but there are a few things you should know before activating it.

The following changes are applied to your profile with creator mode activated:

  • the communicate The button on your profile will change to a profile Follow button.
  • Your profile will display a The number of followers You have, not the number of contacts.
  • You can display the topics you post about at the front of your profile in the form hashtags.
  • Your original content will be tagged with a file transfer Featured And the activity sections at the top of your profile.
  • The Activity section no longer includes likes, comments, and other activity.

In addition to profile changes, creator mode gives you access to LinkedIn Live Video and LinkedIn news feeds if you meet the access criteria.

The criteria that must be met to take advantage of LinkedIn’s newsletter and live video features are as follows:

  • An audience of 150+ followers and/or connections.
  • Recent posts on LinkedIn for any type of original content (for example, creating posts with text, photos, videos, posting articles, etc.).
  • A profile in good standing with a history of adhering to the LinkedIn Professional Community policies.

How to turn on LinkedIn Creator mode

If you meet the criteria mentioned in the section above, you can turn on Creator Mode by following these steps:

  • tap on me at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click View profile.
  • under your dashboardClick Creator mode: off.
  • Click Next in the preview popup.
  • Add hashtags to indicate the topics you post about.
  • click Memorizes.
  • Follow the prompts to turn on Creator Mode.

If you decide that creator mode isn’t appropriate for your profile, you can turn it off at any time.

With creator mode turned off, you won’t lose access to live video, but you will lose access to newsletters.


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