Is Volkswagen Targeting the Ford Maverick?

When the Maverick first hit the market, it was a guessing game about who would introduce the next pickup truck. In 2023 we now have two pickup trucks, the Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Now, comes some promising news about the German automaker building a pickup truck.

Does Volkswagen have a truck?

In the United States, it does not currently offer a pickup truck. In the global market, that’s a different story, but we’ll focus on the states for now. Although the Volkswagen van isn’t in production to compete, the brand has plans to change that.

By 2026, VW will launch a new sub-brand known as Scout. The Scout brand will produce an electric SUV as well as an electric truck. The focus will be on providing off-road capability. Production will take place in South Carolina, allowing Volkswagen to build a viable truck for the United States.

Volkswagen has the ID 4 currently in production. But this is not a truck. With the Scout brand, Volkswagen will once again have a pickup truck in the United States. However, the fact that it will be electric might rub some people the wrong way.

Volkswagen Truck may compete with Ford Maverick

Now, I don’t want to say that would compete directly with Maverick. After all, Ford’s pickup truck isn’t electric. But by 2026, maybe more people will be selling electric cars and ICE cars.

Volkswagen Truck Concept | Volkswagen

It could especially target a Maverick if it’s already effective off-road. In the past, the Scout brand of vehicles represented a sense of adventure. It will be interesting to see if Volkswagen can bring these characteristics into the modern age.

Of course, getting an electric truck isn’t the only exciting part of this prospect. Volkswagen estimates that the new production plant will add 4,000 jobs to the region. And the production should be around 200,000 EVs per year.

Is the Maverick truck electric?

As it stands, the Ford Maverick is only available with a hybrid engine and a turbocharged EcoBoost engine. But, according to it, Blue Oval has filed trademarks for an electric version of its pickup truck. It may mean nothing, or it may mean something.

The 2023 Ford Maverick was named one of Consumer Reports' Top Ten Picks for 2023.
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | stronghold
The new Volkswagen Scout will be American-made

Car manufacturers are constantly introducing things like trademarks, and it doesn’t always mean that these items will show up in the real world. If Volkswagen can find success with its new Scout, who knows? The future of cars certainly looks electric, and Ford might want to answer Volkswagen.

At the moment, we don’t know much about Volkswagen’s planned truck. It won’t go into production until 2026, and there’s likely to be a lot more that hasn’t been finalized yet. Until that happens, it’s left to us to speculate what the final product could look like.

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