The Ford Ranger Still Has Deadly Takata Airbags

If you have a used Ranger model, you may need to use it for service. Older models have already experienced two recalls related to Takata’s killer airbags, but the problem persists due to defective inflation.

Another Ford Ranger recall is due to Takata airbags

2006 Ford Ranger | stronghold

What in the world is going on with the Ford Ranger? It had already had two previous recalls to address the dangerous Taka airbags, but the repairs did not provide a proper solution. Now there is a third summon!

, the Ranger is getting a lot of attention after a recent death related to a faulty airbag inflator. The driver of a 2006 Ranger died in an accident when a faulty driver-side airbag ruptured.

The Ranger has been under an order not to drive since 2018, but the driver may have ignored or wasn’t aware of that notice. But there is also a growing trend of drivers not checking their cars after recall notices and ignoring correspondence from automakers.

Currently, approximately 99,000 from 2004-2006 are at risk due to incorrect fixes related to two previous recalls around the same issue. The trucks were recalled in December 2017 and January 2018 due to a faulty Takata blower.

Inflators may degrade over time due to long-term exposure to moisture. As a result, the inflators have too much force while the airbag is deployed, sending fragments into the cabin.

This defect has been linked to the lives of 20 people in the United States, and nearly 67 million inflators in tens of millions of vehicles have been recalled. Three of which are related to the older Ranger models.

Why did the guard reforms fail?

The first two Taka airbag recalls involved replacing the inflators at no cost to the owners. However, the new inflators were installed the wrong way around. As a result, the airbags may not inflate properly, increasing the risk of injury.

About seven trucks were identified with faulty replacement inflators. Ford is not currently aware of any accidents or deaths related to improperly installed pumps.

Ford will begin notifying owners at risk by March 27. The notice may arrive by mail. The reference number for this call is 23S08. You can call Ford at 1-866-436-7332 with any pertinent questions you may have.

You can also visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see if your truck is in danger.

You will need to take your truck to a local Ford dealer to have your truck inspected. Inflators will be properly reinstalled or replaced as needed at no cost to owners.

Is Ranger safe to drive?

Ford Ranger models have towing due to Takata airbags
Ford Ranger Models | stronghold

Currently at risk models do not have a do not drive order. It should be fine to use your truck as normal. The driver who died recently had his Takata blower replaced, so the original problem was never addressed.

Ford is not aware of any injuries or deaths associated with improperly installed air inflators. This is a good sign. In such cases, it is best to wait for instructions from the automaker or NHTSA.

Also, you don’t have to wait to be notified by mail if your truck is in danger. You can be proactive by researching your VIN and scheduling a service appointment. It is not currently clear how long the replacement process will take.

We hope the Ford Ranger models get their proper fix. We’ll continue to follow this story for updates, so stay tuned.

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