Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners Least Favorite Things About Their Truck

When you ask anyone to talk about their great rides, they’ll easily pull off a list of their favorites. And no matter how loyal they are to their cars, they likely have at least one feature or convenience that they like, too.

Santa Cruz owners share their sentiments in a recent J.D. Power survey, whether they like it or not. Of all the crazy cool items this SUV-turned-pickup has to offer, there’s one thing about what current owners say they’re their least favorite.

Definitely worth a look. It competes with the mid-size truck segment but with many of the characteristics of an SUV.

It’s as agile and comfortable as a crossover but has the versatility of a pickup truck. Its funky design will either be right up your alley, or close to it anywhere. But there are plenty of consumers who are already snatching up their Santa Cruz models. And this is the group JD Power wanted to talk to about the pros and cons of this pickup truck.

The JD Power Automotive Performance, Execution, and Planning Study (or APEAL) was created to collect information from owners of midsize pickups. In particular, the team asked Santa Cruz owners to rank 10 categories of amenities and features in order of most and least favorite Hyundai. And the results popped in, highlighting a few likes and dislikes.

Less favorite things for Santa Cruz owners listed

In descending order, the five Santa Cruz areas current owners love the least include powertrain, infotainment system, driving comfort, accessibility, and fuel economy. Starting with the powertrain, which can be either a 2.5-liter four-cylinder or a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder, the JD Power team says the Santa Cruz has more driving dynamics than an SUV.

Driving comfort also didn’t fare well among consumers, which may be more subjective to personal preference. Getting in and out of the Santa Cruz class was a top favourite, contrasting with JD Power’s review, which noted the ease of access due to the SUV’s design.

Coming down, as my least favorite thing about the Hyundai Santa Cruz, is fuel economy. The second is that idea since the Santa Cruz gets a combined 25 mpg.

That’s not all that impressive, considering you can have the turbocharged engine and get 25 mpg or even climb up to the larger Honda Ridgeline for more pickup feel and still earn 21 mpg combined.

There are still a few favorites worth noting


But it’s not all bad. Hyundai Santa Cruz owners have not hesitated to rank their favorite aspects of their compact car. Some of the aesthetics that they score high on our list of favorites include the interior design, setup and start-up, safety, driving feel, and my favorite of all, the exterior design.

They fully agreed with the driving feel, noting how fun the turbo versatility was to drive. It’s a powerful little engine, capable of harnessing 281 horsepower and delivering 311 lb-ft of torque. And yes, security features are plentiful with. Expect all the latest driver aids, such as lane keep assist, lane departure warnings, and forward collision warnings, as standard equipment.

Most reviews of the Hyundai Santa Cruz contain several advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing it. But JD Power’s latest study, which surveyed actual Santa Cruz owners, may be more helpful. Get excited about the funky exterior and bring a little pickup functionality to your SUV ride.

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