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How To Optimize LinkedIn For Better Connections & More Leads [Podcast]

Whether you work in B2B or B2C, LinkedIn is the place to connect with colleagues, peers, mentors, and your clients.

Jessica Foster, Senior SEO Strategist at Media Monks and founder of Keys & Copy, joins me to talk LinkedIn optimization tips and strategies.

We discussed optimizing your LinkedIn profile to make better connections and generate more leads.

Not many people write about LinkedIn SEO or even think of LinkedIn as an algorithm-driven search platform. – Jessica Foster 5:06

If you can grow your following and influence, you can generate leads through LinkedIn and not just use it to apply for jobs. – Jessica Foster 13:40

LinkedIn, by far, gives us the most e-book downloads and the most newsletter sign-ups out of all of these little events we’ve set up to track on SEJ. So LinkedIn outperforms any other social media looking at user numbers and quality. – Lauren Baker 15:15

[00:00] About Jessica.
[03:26] The difference between content optimization and search engine optimization.
[12:13] How did LinkedIn get this popular again?
[19:03] How does the algorithm work in LinkedIn?
[25:47] – Get insights from Jessica’s LinkedIn profile.
[31:33] – How important is filling in skills and endorsements?
[34:43] How to improve your LinkedIn profile.
[40:34] Should you refer to original articles on LinkedIn?
[42:16] Things Jessica enjoys doing outside of SEO.

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Keys and copies:

People are a bit eager to be professional on social media. – Lauren Baker, 16:56

Honestly, I find LinkedIn refreshing. The number of people quarreling in the comments is slightly less. But, for the most part, people share valuable insights and are genuinely looking for networking opportunities with people in their industry. – Jessica Foster 17:02

If you have a limited range of connections, don’t let that stop you from interacting with other content publishers on the platform and posting your content as it can increase. – Jessica Foster, 25:18

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Jessica is the Chief SEO Strategist at Media Monks and has founded her own company, Keys & Copy. You have extensive experience in SEO and copywriting and know what it takes to create content that attracts and engages your target audience. Jessica, who has original ideas and powerful strategies, helps clients rank high on Google using her unique skills.

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