How to Maximize Your PPC Performance in 2022

Are you getting the most out of your PPC campaigns?

Do you want to know what to focus on in 2022?

Jeff Ferguson, who has been honored as one of the “Top 25 Influencer PPC Heroes” for three consecutive years, joins Loren Baker to talk about the biggest PPC trends that can help improve your strategy.

Next year, companies will no longer be able to rely on third-party tracking, which has become an industry standard over the years, requiring them to rely on first-party data.

For those looking for guidance on how to manage this massive change, this podcast is for you.

In 2022, things will be very different. It’s one thing where I really think people don’t quite realize how much of a difference it would be when Google pulled the plug. – Jeff Ferguson 15:14

We have already told people to do everything they can on the first party side, like starting yesterday. – Jeff Ferguson 20:09

That’s really the beauty of what we do, it changes from day to day. – Lauren Baker, 09:24

[00:00] – A little about Jeff.
[11:40] – What interesting changes have occurred in PPC this year and where is PPC headed in 2022.
[17:50] – What are the data of the first party? How do you switch from using third-party data to first-party data?
[23:13] – Why are classic media layout styles coming back?
[24:19] How does automated advertising become intrusive?
[25:10] What can you do instead of automated advertising?
[28:59] An example of offline retargeting.
[32:01] Where you can use first party data for retargeting.
[32:45] – What PPC opportunities are there instead of Google, Microsoft and Facebook?
[39:53] – Does PPC really help in brand promotion?
[49:26] – Do you need to be on every platform?
[56:09] Jeff’s room, his bass, and he became a professor at UCLA.

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The problem is we’ve got all these fun and effective new tools and they have a place for them. We think they do the job but we really have to go back to old school marketing. – Jeff Ferguson 48:41

I’m really trying to teach people not to be digital marketers but to be digital marketers. – Jeff Ferguson 63:07

I don’t think the PPC campaign started the chicken sandwich wars. I think there are people on social media talking about the length of the line, that there are pickles, and it has exploded — and now in Santa Clarita, there are three Popeyes being built. — Lauren Baker, 47:51

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Search Engine Journal columnist Jeff Ferguson has exposed many of the sacred cows of SEO and paid media advertising mismanagement with his legendary data mining. Besides being a partner at Amplitude Digital, a Los Angeles-based digital media advertising agency, he also leads classes at UCLA Extension on advanced digital marketing and search engine optimization.


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