Google Ads App Updated With 3 New Features

The latest version of the Google Ads app for Android and iOS has new features that help bring its functionality closer to the desktop experience.

With the Google Ads app, marketers will be able to:

  • See more explanations for campaign changes
  • Monitor search trends in real time
  • Create entire campaigns on their smartphone

Below are more details about each of these updates.

1. Improved performance insights

Screenshot from:, November 2021.

The Google Ads app now gives you more context on your campaign insights, such as explanations for performance fluctuations.

If you make a change to your bid strategy and budget, for example, the app will explain how the change affects performance.

Changes in search interest will also be better explained, as well as statistics on positive changes in performance.

This new data can help you understand what worked in your campaigns and why, information you can use to create more successful campaigns in the future.

2. Real-time search trends

google ads appScreenshot from:, November 2021.

Keep up with consumer demand with a new search trends report updated in real time.

For example, let’s say you’re a retail grocer looking to reach more customers. With search trends, you might notice an uptick in the trend for “cookie decorating kits” and “bread and pastry dough”. You can then act on those trends from By creating new campaigns for these products, and even refreshing the in-store and online marketing as well.”

Clicking on an individual search direction will bring up popular queries associated with it.

A search direction, like “pies and tarts,” for example, can reveal the exact types of pies people are looking for.

Google may also display a recommendation, where appropriate, to help you improve your campaign for an emerging search trend.

3. Create mobile campaigns

google ads appScreenshot from:, November 2021.

With the Google Ads mobile app, you can now create a search campaign without linking it to a desktop computer.

This process can be completed in a few steps. Start by clicking on the plus button on the lower right side of the screen.

From there, select the type of campaign you’d like to run, where you want your ads to appear, and other campaign settings.

After launching the campaign, you can continue to monitor and improve performance through the mobile app.

These updates are now available to all marketers who use Google Ads

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured image: Primakov/Shutterstock

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