Google Expands Verification Requirement For Finance Ads

Google is expanding its verification program for financial ads, which will require advertisers in more countries to prove they are authorized to promote financial services.

Verification adds an extra layer of protection against financial fraud, helping to ensure that people don’t get scammed when they click on search ads.

Google first launched this program in the UK in September 2021, which has resulted in a significant decrease in ads promoting fraudulent services.

After the successful launch in the UK, Google is expanding the verification program to additional countries starting with AustraliaAnd SingaporeAnd Taiwan.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Advertisers in the above markets will have to go through two additional steps before running ads promoting financial services.

They will have to:

  • Proof that they are authorized by their financial services regulator
  • Complete the Google Advertiser Verification Program

This policy goes into effect on August 30, and advertisers can start applying for verification at the end of June.

That’s two full months for it to be verified and to prevent any ad campaign disruptions.

This seems to take a long time, but advertiser verification is not a quick process. Better to start sooner rather than later.

Get verified on google

The Google Advertiser Verification Program consists of multiple requirements that each have their own set of steps to complete.

Advertisers are required to:

  • Answer a series of questions about their business
  • Verify their identity
  • Check out details about their business operations

This process is so extensive that Google does not expect advertisers to complete it in one sitting. After the verification process begins, you will have 30 days to complete it.

Advertisers who do not complete the new verification process by August 30 will not be allowed to promote financial services using Google Ads.

For more information, see the article on verification In the Google Advertising Policies help section.

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