New Related Search Feature For AdSense Is Introduced

Google AdSense has been a great way for publishers to monetize their content through ads. Since the inception of AdSense in 2003, publishers have relied on offering this product to earn additional revenue on their websites and mobile apps.

As the nature of user experiences has changed over the years, so has Google’s product offering.

Google announced its latest feature for AdSense, Search related to the content.

If you are among the 2 million people using AdSense, read more about this new monetization opportunity.

What is content search?

Relevant content search is a new feature available in Google AdSense.

It is a contextual navigation area that shows users search terms related to the content they are viewing on a website.

After a user clicks on a search term, they are taken to the search results page on that publisher’s website. The search results page then displays other related topics, including search ads.

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The benefits of searching relevant content

There are multiple benefits of enabling this feature for your website or app, including:

  • Increase participation in the site
  • Related search ads
  • Additional revenue
  • Better user experience

The first benefit is that it increases User participation on your site, including:

  • site traffic
  • page views
  • Ad impressions

The second benefit is Related search ads. Google AdSense will display ads on the search results pages of your website that are relevant to the user’s search terms.

The third benefit is that it drives Additional revenue. You are already monetizing your content with AdSense; These new features provide additional opportunities to show ads to users who are already subscribed to your site.

Finally, this ad unit can lead to a Improve user experience. Because you control the look and feel of relevant search ads, you can maintain a consistent visitor experience.

Relevant content search is an ad unit that is less annoying to users on your website, while still giving them the option to click on ads if they want to.

Maintain user privacy

The related search feature is a contextual module, meaning that content will be displayed based on the content of the page. In addition, the ads on the search page will be targeted by the search term that the user has clicked on. Google is working this as a solution to preserving privacy by not targeting based on user data.

Start with a relevant search for content

If you are looking to add this feature to your website or app, be sure to contact your account manager to activate it. There are additional requirements that you must meet, including compliance with the Custom Search Advertising Policies and the AdSense for Search (AFS) Policies.

If you don’t have a custom search module for your content pages, you’ll need to create one. A comprehensive guide can be found hereHowever, the basic steps include:

  1. Create a custom search pattern in your AdSense account
  2. Decide where to place the search module on your content page(s).
  3. Copy and paste the AdSense code into your site
  4. Post any changes to your website

Search related to the content of the reports

Reporting of this new feature is available. You will receive conversion path reports for a relevant search unit in your AdSense account.

Simply go to Reports >> Create custom report and add Ad Format details >> Edit Metrics >> Select Conversion Metrics.

An example of what is reported in AdSense for related search.Image credit:, March 2022


The new Find Related Content feature is something to consider if you’re new to monetizing your website’s content, or you’re already using AdSense. With the added benefits of increased engagement and increased profits, you can feel confident about growing your content with the user experience in mind.

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