Google Ads Introduces New Experiments Page

Gone are the days of confusing drafts and experiences in Google Ads.

Google has launched a much-needed update to this testing feature in the online interface, and the new experience is a welcome change for novice and experienced Google Ads users alike.

The Drafts and Previous Experiments pages have been considered a hurdle for novice Google Ads users due to the complexities and multiple steps.

Let’s take a look at the exciting new changes.

New experiences page

In the previous experiment, you were first asked to create a draft campaign, and then test that draft separately in an experiment.

Puzzling, isn’t it?

With the new Experiments update, you can now create an experiment (or quiz) in one step. This means no creating drafts first!

What is a draft, you may ask?

Draft was a way for you to suggest changes to your Search or Display Network campaigns, and then apply them to a new campaign. It basically mirrored an existing campaign setup, but with minor tweaks that you’ll want to test or try.

In addition, you will now be able to monitor all tests on the Experiments page. From this page, you can apply any changes to the experience with a single click.

Photo: Screenshot taken by the author from the Google support site, January 2022

This change in the application process helps avoid any implementation issues on the user’s side.

Google simplifies applying experiments to campaigns.Photo: Screenshot taken by the author from the Google support site, January 2022

New sync experience

Google has also introduced a new way to sync experiences with campaigns. This change makes it easier for you to experiment.

Prior to this new and improved rollout, copying changes from your original campaign was a manual process, not to mention time consuming for the user.

So, what has changed with the new experience?

Google Ads will automatically sync any changes from the experiment to the original campaign being tested.

New Google Ads Experience Sync section.Photo: Screenshot taken by the author from the Google support site, January 2022

What is staying the same?

While the experience setting for the user has been changed, not all features have.

For example, you can still set the length of the trial as well as how much of your original traffic budget you want to allocate to testing.

How to improve advertising campaigns

The launch of new Google Ads experiences has many benefits for users, including:

  • Save time creating the experiment
  • Better transparency in results
  • It is easier to create and sync changes to the existing campaign(s) during the testing phase
  • Less room for implementation errors

Improvements from this subtraction are a domino effect.

With this new and exciting interface, you will be able to easily see what you are experiencing. Due to the new sync experience, you can adapt to any campaign fluctuations in real time, and optimize your campaigns during the testing phase.

With easy monitoring on the trials page, you can clearly claim the winner of any trial and apply all changes within seconds.

These user experience improvements can improve your testing capabilities and enable you to run more tests, sometimes at a faster rate. You’ll be able to spend more time analyzing and less time creating or crafting experiments manually.

Be more confident in the results of your experiment by trying the new Google Ads Experiments page today.

Source: Google Ads Help

Featured image: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock

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