Faster, More Complete Content: How To Rank More In Less Time [Podcast]

Wish you could get more organic leads?

Are you looking for easier and faster ways to push your site to the top of Google?

They say that more quality content means a higher search rank. A higher search rank means more visitors to your site, and more site viewers means more conversion opportunities.

But who has the time and resources to create enough content to justify the investment?

Jeff Quayle, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of MarketMuse, joins me on the SEJ Show to talk about how we can spend less time creating content and more time generating leads with AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing.

You’ll learn what it takes to create quality content for long-term success.

Intent mismatch is very common. You will be ranked for a term, and content does not solve this problem. Well…this is a ticking time bomb.– Jeff Coyle, 36:19

You should assess whether the brief has accelerated the process. Did you result in content that reached the foundations you wanted? Did this improve overall performance and enhance the well-being of all team members? Did she harmonize the team, or did she just create another snag?– Jeff Coyle 18:04

Content written for this site is not intended solely for Google. It is also for customer acquisition and retention and the ability to drive and influence customers who have already made a purchase. It is a reminder to buy again. So it’s the loyalty component of social media, with email, and pretty much everything else.– Lauren Baker, 29:44

[00:00] What Jeff is doing to empower content marketers and SEO professionals.
[04:31] – Will the robot replace you? The role of artificial intelligence in the content process.
[12:59] – See content summary outline.
[15:29] – An example of how a PAA works in the content feed.
[20:52] How can writers and SEO professionals differentiate content when using the same tool?
[21:56] Jeff’s three favorite features on MarketMuse.
[29:11] How does the content journey take place outside of Google?
[33:11] The importance of creating supportive content.
[35:46] Benefits of smart interconnection.
[36:56] An example of an intent mismatch.
[40:19] – The only thing that makes all the money.
[42:50] – What MarketMuse can do for you.

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MarketMuse –

No matter who you are, and no matter how good you are, one page on a topic alone will not get you a long-term success point. There’s a lot to that. You have to write that support content, and all boats go up.– Jeff Coyle, 34:15

Everyone says the word content marketing. Everyone says strategy. Not many people include a section about buyer personas or target markets. These are the things a true expert can fit in. – Jeff Coyle 23:28

In almost any business, you empower people and give them direction and process. As a result, they do a better job. It’s a win-win scenario. — Lauren Baker, 42:07

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Connect with Jeff Quill

Not much experience in digital marketing. Jeff is a multidisciplinary, data-driven inbound marketing executive with over 20 years of experience managing products and website networks, specializing in helping companies grow.

It’s a search engine marketing dream, setting the standard for quality content. Jeff currently leads MarketMuse, an industry leader with importance-based content planning and evaluation.

Jeff was at TechTarget leading B2B technology deployment efforts before co-founding MarketMuse as Chief Product Officer – he knows his stuff!

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