Link & Blogging Strategies For 2023 [Podcast]

Use link building and blogging to your advantage in 2023

SEO professionals looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in link acquisition techniques and blogging can catch their eye – 2023 brings some exciting developments that you’ll want to add to your toolkit of tricks.

Anne Smarty joins me on the SEJ Show to talk about techniques in link acquisition, resourceful and authoritative content, and other advancements of traditional SEO strategies. Find out ways to boost visibility and SEO success in this episode.

Link building is the only thing that can move the needle. You can improve, and you can make your site fast. You can create content and do keyword research, but at the end of the day, what moves the needle to get that website ranked so competitively is still relevant. – Ann Smarty, 07:43

We even have a database of websites that sell links, and we can keep track of every company that buys links out there. So we know that if this site is buying here, usually this site is selling links. So the neighborhood is a huge thing here. – Ann Smarty, 10:28

The beauty of teachers is that it is the best neighborhood. These people never sell links on their sites because they are busy with something else and they value all the resources they put on their websites. So this neighborhood is never spammed.– Ann Smarty, 21:20

[00:00] – About Ann.
[03:59] Are pilot side projects important?
[07:15] How important is linking for SEO nowadays?
[11:56] The importance of content quality in terms of linking to the target page.
[14:53] – What is more important in Google Reading Lists, at the top or at the bottom?
[21:09] Other forms of moral bond building.
[26:42] Types of content that are now attracting more links.
[30:23] – Types of influential communication and linking.
[32:57] The importance of the original census.

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Some businesses are closing, there are shops and restaurants everywhere that are closing. That’s very sad. But the chance from a link-getting perspective is that someone will lose their domain, which you can always capture in the future and do something creative with, or these lists will now be linked to pages, which 404 or redirect. So you can go out and help the publisher update and freshen things up. – Lauren Baker, 13:51

Google is used by journalists and bloggers all the time. So if you can write an excellent article on a topic and rank in half of the high volume queries, you will see those links coming because people will come across your resources using Google. – Ann Smarty, 23:02

I have a theory that Google looks at clicks when evaluating links. So if the links are never clicked, these links are not useful. So usually, I want the most valuable links to be the ones that get traffic. And the higher you are on the list, the more traffic you will get. So always, the higher you are, the better. – Ann Smarty, 15:53

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Ann Smarty is the mastermind of digital marketing. Not only does she have extensive work experience as an affiliate program manager and SEO consultant, but she’s also the community manager for the Internet Marketing Ninjas.

With her versatile skills in link building, keyword research, and social media management, Ann has developed several free guides as well as courses to help everyone, from individuals to businesses, get ahead. So get ready to hit with all that HQ knowledge from a super smart (y) cookie!

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