Enterprise SEO: 7 Use Cases To Level-Up Website Optimization With Website Intelligence

Website optimization is becoming more and more demanding for digital marketers.

Expansion can feel overwhelming, especially with the increased focus on search engines’ user experience, accessibility compliance, and privacy recommendations.

So, how can you and your SEO team best prepare for these expanded responsibilities?

How can you use website intelligence to seamlessly scale your software enterprise-wide?

What tools and techniques can your organization use to adapt to the evolving nature of search engine optimization?

On February 8, I moderated a webinar with Ali Habibzadeh, Chief Technology Officer of Lomar, and Ashley Berman-Hill, Vice President of Professional Services for Lomar. Discuss creative ways to help your website succeed in search while giving visitors a first-class user experience.

Here is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, Complete the application.

What is site intelligence?

Website intelligence involves spotting hidden problems and discovering new opportunities to improve, which leads to higher traffic and conversions.

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How to leverage website intelligence to improve websites

Here are the top seven ways to experience the full potential of growing your business through your website.

#1. Improve accessibility

Statistics show the importance of accessible websites for the 15% of the population with disabilities and the importance of customer consideration.

The rise in ADA lawsuits and the rise in errors on websites underscores this need.

Therefore, one of the great keys is to find ways to improve the accessibility of your website.

[Learn ways to improve accessibility] Instant access to the webinar →

# 2. Increase speed by handling CSS performance

Stylized style sheets may contain elements that slow down your page rendering.

Be sure to look for other elements and factors that cause slow rendering:

  • Long and complicated rules, especially those with.
  • Lots of transitions and animations.
  • Use @import to load other CSS files.
  • It’s no longer about parsing HTML but crawling CSS.
  • Access to selectors is required.

By addressing these issues, you can increase speed.

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#3. Optimize image speed

Images are useful for the website which gives a rich page experience to your customers. However, it can be harmful if not done properly.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you index and understand images today?
  • Who contributes images to your site?
  • What data do they have access to?

By digging deeper, you’ll see how everyone with access to the images can contribute to the improvement of the site.

Google Lens & Discover can also be powerful tools for optimizing your site.

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#4. Enforce site security

One of the deceptive tricks attackers use is clickjacking – where the attacker’s malicious link is transparent and hides in front of an original web page. Hence, the user clicks on the malicious link thinking they clicked on the original page.

Make sure to enable auditing on the tool that is running all the time because prevention is always key.

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#5. Bring SEO professionals and developers together

By working together, developers and SEO professionals can set standards and perform pre-production checks, catching most errors before they happen.

Such cooperation can significantly save time and money and lead to further website optimization.

#6. Integrate marketing and SEO technology

Tech SEO is a key component that can amplify the impact of your marketing efforts. However, many companies ignore this important link and view website health and marketing as separate entities.

This approach is misleading, as the two are closely related and can greatly affect business success.

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# 7. Analyze reviews

Analyzing customer reviews is essential to improving products/services, and a tool that integrates with business processes is critical.

Your chosen review auditing tool should collect feedback from multiple sources and be easy to use and accessible to all, leading to informed decision-making, increased customer satisfaction, and overall success.

main sockets

  • Website intelligence is greater than any single post.
  • Data empowers.
  • We need this broad vision and command center to work together.

[Slides] Enterprise SEO: 7 Use Cases to Elevate Website Optimization with Website Intelligence

Here is the presentation:

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