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CMS Market Share: Shopify Falls Slightly As Losses & Layoffs Loom

Shopify’s 0.1% loss in CMS market share this month was captured by WordPress, with little movement across the rest of the content management systems (CMS) field.

Overall, WordPress is the CMS of choice for 43% of all websites and 64.3% of single site sites.

According to the source of this data, W3Techs.com33.1% of websites don’t use a CMS at all – at least, not a site you’re monitoring.

Shopify is the second most preferred CMS solution and was used by 6.2% of websites with a CMS (4.2% of all websites) in July.

As in June, the top five spots are rounded out by Wix (3.4%), Squarespace (3%), and Joomla (2.5%).

CMS Market Share may be reprinted June 2022 with attribution.

Drupal, Adobe Systems, Google Systems, Bitrix and Webflow are also in the top 10 CMS solutions for July 2022, although each represents less than 2% of the market.

Shopify reports a net loss of $1.2 billion and cuts 10% of employees

The slight drop in market share we’re seeing in Shopify’s July numbers could add speed to the wake Reported losses and demobilization this week.

Shopify’s second-quarter net loss of $1.2 billion represented $0.95 per share, in sharp contrast to the $879.1 million profit recorded at the same time last year.

Although revenue increased 16% year-on-year to $1.3 billion, operating losses hit the CMS e-commerce brand.

The company stated that operating losses in the third and fourth quarters would exceed the $41.8 million in operating losses the company incurred in the second quarter.

Shopify CFO Amy Shapero explained that this is “more of a transitional year, as e-commerce has largely reset to the pre-COVID trend line.”

Meanwhile, CEO Toby Lutke announce In a note to employees that Shopify is laying off 1,000 people (about 10% of its workforce).

Lutke acknowledged that he overestimated the growth of e-commerce and that Shopify had hired too many people as a result.

Released WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance and Gutenberg 13.7

In WordPress news, the dominant force in the CMS market released maintenance release 6.0.1 with dozens of bug fixes earlier this month.

WordPress also unveiled Gutenberg 13.7, a cumulative update designed to make the editing experience more intuitive and natural.

Gutenberg 13.7 has several improvements that improve workflow and user interface, providing more granular control within the full site editor. Read more in Roger Monti’s article here.

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