Ask A PPC Live 2022 With Navah Hopkins [Podcast]

Learning about pay-per-click services takes time and effort.

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Our industry is constantly evolving, and PPC is no exception. So, to provide answers to your burning questions about PPC best practices and strategies, we asked our resident expert.

PPC expert Navah Hopkins joins me at SEJ to answer all your PPC questions in 2022.

The era of PPC professionals who were able to manage accounts is over. You won’t be able to get rid of that anymore. We are really responsible for understanding the profitability of a particular product or service and understanding whether a particular channel will serve it well. We are also responsible for understanding the user behavior component. – Navah Hopkins, 2:15

keep it simple; Keep it clean. Make your paid traffic a paid experience, make your organic traffic an organic experience, and keep everyone happy. – Navah Hopkins, 34:32

Yes, there are a lot of really interesting tools out there. Yes, there is a lot of cool automation. Yes, we no longer control all the levers all the time. This means that it is time to think about strategic CRO initiatives, strategic creative initiatives, and business problem solving. – Navah Hopkins, 53:33

[00:00] – About Navah
[05:27] What does the user journey look like?
[06:44] – UA Sunset: Tips for GA4.
[12:13] What is Google Studio?
[15:25] Smart Bidding: Is it useful to set manual PPC on ad groups for certain keywords?
[19:35] Is it worth keeping budget and bidding programs?
[21:52] – Are you using Navah Performance Max?
[26:07] Tips for building successful advertising campaigns on Google Maps.
[27:55] – How important is Google’s guarantee of Google Local Services ad campaigns?
[29:30] Do Facebook pixels harm website performance?
[34:38] What ad solutions interfere with Google Shopping?
[39:34] How important are Custom Audiences when targeting higher quality leads?
[43:09] How influential are Microsoft ads?
[47:22] Can you advertise on LinkedIn through Microsoft Advertising?
[50:03] – Can you target game consoles and gameplay with Microsoft Ads?
[54:27] – Other platforms people can consider.

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Set aside two to three hours each week to play GA4. Get the domain that you are Such as. You care, nothing to be afraid of. It is very easy to get used to this habit. — Navah Hopkins, 8:56

You don’t just want to think about messages to the public. You also want to think about the most appropriate timing and channel for showing this ad. – Navah Hopkins 41:30

My most comprehensive advice is that everyone has access to this merchant center, and there is complete transparency about any changes made there. Not lining up the categories within the Merchant Center could be a death knell for the campaign. – Navah Hopkins, 36:35

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Navah Hopkins is a seasoned marketing professional who began her career as an SEO in 2008, and moved to PPC several years later.

During this time, I made sure to share valuable insights with others, speak at local universities, and teach in international circles. In addition, her contributions to SEMrush, WordStream, and SEJ have continued.

As a member of the Paid Search Association, it intends to make future PPC practitioners better and serve as a resource for anyone looking to learn more.

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