Smarter Ads: 5 Cost-Efficient Ways To Get Higher Return On Paid Media

Do you wish you could get the best of both worlds – lower CPC and more high quality leads?

Wondering how to get the most out of your paid marketing budget for 2023?

One paid media strategy is to build a wide network and drive the most traffic – but a more aggressive approach is to target a specific audience to bring in the right traffic.

It’s time to explore cost-effective strategies that improve ad spend and maximize return, especially if your company is making budget cuts to prepare for economic change.

On March 1, I moderated a webinar with Tucker Stovers, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Divvy.

Show Toffers five paid media strategies with actionable insights and monetized methods to grow your business while getting more for your money.

Below is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, Complete the application.

main sockets

  • Bring in the right, targeted traffic – not the most – with your paid ads.
  • Think beyond Facebook and Google to take advantage of Level 2 platforms.
  • Take advantage of the placements, features and functionality of the platform to get the most out of each ad.

Not all traffic is created equal.

It is better to focus on the right traffic, not most of it. So here are five paid media outlets that can help you achieve cost-effective expansion.

1. Let your ad copy exclude the wrong audience for you

You can use your ad copy to do the hard work as part of your targeting strategy.

[Discover two excellent examples] Instant access to the webinar →

Make sure you message differently to different audiences and use exclusionary messaging to define your target audience.

2. Use visual cues to send the right signals to your audience

Make sure you make clear your audience’s interests and make sure they know who you’re talking to.

3. Think outside the box

There are a lot of opportunities that lie outside of Google and Facebook.

Try the following Level 2 platforms:

  • Amazon.
  • Walmart.
  • Quora.
  • reddit.
  • pinterest.
  • to me.

[Discover what Tier 2 means & why they work better] Instant access to the webinar →

4. Make the platforms work harder for you

Each platform has functions and features that help you get the most out of your ads.

Take advantage of the available properties

Think improvement.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to change your strategy or restructure campaigns.

Instead, just focus on getting the most out of the position itself.

See how the last ad, via metadata, makes use of space:

Davey, March 2023

Metadata takes advantage of this interstitial ad placement from LinkedIn.

Don’t sleep in ambiguous positions

Text ads on LinkedIn may not attract a lot of quick clicks, but they lead to incredible impressions.

[Find out how] Instant access to the webinar →

Get the most out of story ads

Never miss an opportunity to tell your story or give a powerful visual to your brand.

Smarter Ads: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Get Higher Return on Paid MediaDavey, March 2023

The latest ad uses vibrant colors and some social proof with star ratings to make the most of its white space.

Take advantage of conversation ads on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn conversational ads don’t provide much opportunity for expansion, they can qualify inbound clicks to your site and landing page.

Similar to the old message ads on LinkedIn, you can spend a lot more time and a lot more space and tell your story.

[Get higher returns on paid media] Instant access to the webinar →

5. Prioritize internal marketing

Your marketing efforts can only go so far with your marketing team. To expand your reach, consider the following:

  • Let the whole company market what you sell.
  • Marketing highlight each week.
  • Share the why, how and what’s in it for them.

[Uncover the BONUS tip] Instant access to the webinar →

[Slides] Smarter Ads: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Get Higher Return on Paid Media

Here is the presentation:

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