7 Big Enterprise Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

It’s easy to post content.

It is very difficult to publish content that increases your ROI and provides value to your target audience.

On February 16th, I moderated a webinar sponsored by Katie Greenwood, Director of SEO at Conductor.

Greenwood has demonstrated the ins and outs of creating an effective corporate content strategy that leads to conversions, not bounces.

Here is a quick summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, Complete the application.

7 steps to improving your organization’s content strategy

Organic traffic accounts for 53% of all site visits.

Although getting your brand name recognized can bring in some clicks, you still need to think about your search engine optimization and content to maximize your presence.

In 2022, organic content based on SEO will be an even more important measure of your site and its success.

Step 1: Bring SEO home

Have a dedicated SEO and content strategy team at every step of the customer journey.

If you represent an enterprise brand, this team should consist of more than one person.

Compared to agencies, internal teams are better equipped to respond to new information and implement new plans faster.

This is because they have direct access to other internal teams and spend dedicated time.

Internal teams know your customers, their challenges, and most of all, know each other.

This level of familiarity helps create content that sells and converts.

Step Two: Include SEO throughout the content process

Don’t just enter your SEO at the end, right before you publish.

Instead, ensure that all members of the marketing team have a solid understanding of SEO.

This way, every stage of the process is driven and informed by organic research best practices.

Be sure to include SEO education for your social team, content writers, developers – whoever may have a hand in creating content for your site.

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Step 3: Expand your competitor lists

You know your competitors in the overall business, but do you know your content competitors at every stage of the buyers journey?

It may be completely different.

Knowing your competition at every level will help you guide your content creation every step of the way.

Step 4: Meet with your customers at all stages of their process

Create content early on that helps your customers answer beginners’ questions on a topic.

Create medium content that can help facilitate comparison questions.

Create late-stage content that helps complete the buyer journey more efficiently.

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Step 5: Focus on branded content

Other companies are likely to talk about you if you represent an organization’s brand.

Make sure you are visible and own the keywords for your brand name, especially when it comes to supporting articles about your products.

You want to control the conversation about yourself.

Step 6: Pay attention to the types of results

Tailor your content strategy to the right types of results for your keywords.

If your target keywords are all “People Also Ask” results, make sure your content has Q&A content.

If your keywords show videos on SERPs, create videos.

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Step 7: Tracing. everything.

Small changes can have big impacts on a brand’s SEO.

Make sure you have automated ways to track your site’s content strategies and regular reports on updates.

Understanding your data will help you share the winnings and enable you to go back and fix campaigns that didn’t work.

Setting up tracking for your KPIs before you start your project sets you up for success.

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Remember, it’s always a good idea to reassess and try again.

If your campaigns aren’t working the way you want them to, here are six tips you can implement right now.

And the most A critical SEO resource for enterprises?

It’s teamwork.

Make sure your team is empowered with marking and tracking.

This is the biggest key to having a successful corporate content strategy.

[Slides] 7 content marketing strategies for large organizations you need to know

Here is the presentation:

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