4 Pros and 3 Cons With Driving the 2022 Ford Expedition

4 Pros and 3 Cons With Driving the 2022 Ford Expedition We’re not ready for our week with the expedition over. At least we were able to make the most of our time by traveling and going off-road. We got to know you on a deeper level, with the pros and cons to share.

4 Pros and 3 Cons With Driving the 2022 Ford Expedition

For a little background, the 2022 Ford Expedition starts at $52,405. The top-spec model comes in at $79,560, so this beast doesn’t come cheap. However, it may provide so much value to be worth every penny.

. It has a ground clearance of 9.8 inches, which makes it difficult to reach for short people and children. The doors have wide openings, but there may be more handles that people can grab.

When you fold the seats flat to create a level load floor, the lift height is increased. I’m 5’1 and the back end comes off my chest. You may have to lift heavy or ill-fitting objects to the rear.

We missed the adjustable air suspension with the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee 4XE. The ability to lower the suspension was handy!

3. CON: The flight is noisy

It can be hard to hear your children from the third grade on the expedition. It can be used as an intercom like some minivans, and some other SUV’s. The distance between the front and back is large, which makes it difficult to carry the sound.

Furthermore, the Expedition has high climate controls. Air conditioning and heat go off at high levels. It’s a little distracted.

Our model has a laminated acoustic windshield and an active noise cancellation system, but wind and road noises are still intrusive.

1. PRO: a fun Ford Expedition

2022 Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Road
4 Pros and 3 Cons With Driving the 2022 Ford Expedition

The 2022 Ford Expedition can be equipped with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. The Sealth Performance Package adds unique suspension tuning, 22-inch black wheels, and red calipers.

You can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 5.1 seconds. Hitting the acceleration and hearing the roar of the engine is very exciting. Plus, the suspension maintains body roll and feels confident around sharp bends.

The Expedition is smart and easy to maneuver through crowded parking lots and narrow driveways. It doesn’t feel as big as it really is.

2. PRO: The journey is wide

Ford Expedition 2022 storage space4 Pros and 3 Cons With Driving the 2022 Ford Expedition

There is no shortage of passenger or cargo space. The front seats offer a wide range of adjustments. Plus the second row is roomy for adults, with the ability to slide forward or backward as needed.

You can accommodate two medium-sized adults in the back, while the third row reclines for added comfort. Child seats fit easily in the second and third rows, too.

The Expedition offers 20.9 cubic feet of luggage space behind the rear seat, 63.9 cubic feet of luggage space behind the second row, and up to 104.6 cubic feet in total. It can tow up to 9,300 lbs and carry a load of up to 1,827 lbs.

3. The expedition contains real off-road parts

We were worried that the size and weight of the 2022 Ford Expedition would limit its ability, but it did great in the woods. Choosing a Timberline tire increases ground clearance to 10.6 inches, allowing it to clear obstructions with ease.

It features 4×4 skid plates high, 4×4 low, a limited-slip differential, a 360° surround view cam and a locking rear differential for strength through challenges. It has off-road driving modes for mud/crevices. Snow/wet, sand, grass/gravel/snow.

The Expedition has plenty of power to take on off-road challenges. He feels confident and in control, even while climbing steep slopes. We slid a bit in piles of dried leaves, but the tires gripped the rocks very well.

4. PRO: Ford Expedition is convenient

2022 Ford Expedition from the inside4 Pros and 3 Cons With Driving the 2022 Ford Expedition

It will keep your whole family comfortable. The seats are well padded and supportive for long trips. Only the third row lacks a little lumbar support. But each class can recline too much for a nap.

Heated and ventilated seats work very quickly. Heated seats are very comfortable, and the three-zone climate control system keeps everyone at the preferred temperature. Also, the ride is very smooth over the pavement.

Because the body roll is checked, people will not get dizzy in the car when cornering. Plus, everyone can relax with plenty of personal space.

Stay tuned for our full Expedition review that covers all the specs! Until then, consider the pros and cons of an expedition before making any decision.

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