4 of Ken Block and Hoonigan’s Most Memorable Moments

If you’re involved in any community, you’ve probably heard by now that the great Ken Block died in a snowmobile accident in the first week of January 2023. The news is tragic, but in Life, Ken Block and Honigan have given us some of the most amazing car stunts and content they’ve ever made. Absolutely incredible. Check out some of Block’s favorite stunts and one of our favorite moments involving his fire-breathing Mustang.

  • Drift jump
  • Wall ride drift
  • Drifting off the water’s edge
  • Hoonicorn meets London

What is Gymkhana by Ken Block?

Gymkhana by Ken Block is his viral video series based on the racing terminology “Gymkhana”. Originally, the terms referred to a horse racing series or a motor racing series similar to autocross.

The build produces 600 horsepower, and says it can hit 60 mph in less than 2.0 seconds.

Of course, that kind of rolling-eyed insanity is necessary for a driving mad scientist like Block to perform his favorite drifting trick: the aptly named “drift jump” from C, field 5. The trick involves simultaneously swiping to the right at a 90-degree angle with a jump, and Block never skips a beat.

Did Ken Block and Wall Honigan ride a rally car?

it’s the truth; The world-class rally and stunt driver is a skateboarder and co-founder of DC Shoes. So it’s no surprise that Ken Block took a rally car to France to ride a wall rally car on a banked track as part of his C field 3.

The trick, a famous skidding maneuver, is not natural for a car. However, looking at the block’s custom 2011 Ford Fiesta GYM3 and its 600-hp power output, the wall-riding trick has met its match. However, wall riding isn’t the only wild and insane gravity-defying stunt in Block’s Hoonigan history. He also drifted around a waterfront and spun the rear tires into oblivion. Whether you find it silly or gritty, it’s an amazing sight.

Ken Block introduced Hoonicorn to London with a resounding tour

In addition to Ken Block’s amazing Gymkhana videos, he once took a savage 1965 Ford Mustang RTR “Hoonicorn” to London, England, to take the first, on a “tour.” Of course, in a four-wheel-drive, 1,400-horsepower race car, it’s quite the sight.

How much is Ken Block’s Mustang worth?

According to , a fully customized 1965 Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn build is priceless. While this may sound strange, it makes sense, given the unique nature of the building. Moreover, given Ken Block’s death, the matter is irreplaceable.

The loss of this talented and iconic pillar of automotive culture saddens us at MotorBiscuit deeply. Watch this video from 2018 as the legend Ken Block himself shares his thoughts on his wildest feats and creations.


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