3 Daily Paid Advertising Tasks You Should Automate & the Tools You Need

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Paid advertising is a very time consuming system. There is so much to focus on and so little time.

On a regular basis, PPC managers need to:

  • Run reports
  • Search keywords
  • Maintain the account
  • Strategize
  • Work on designs
  • Think of more than ad copy
  • Modify your landing pages

But there is an easier way to do all this – and it involves automation.

In this article, we’ll look at how automation can simplify your common tasks such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Reallocate advertising budgets
  • Keyword optimization
  • Compilation of reports
  • Enable ad scheduling

These tasks take up much of the workweek, but with automation, it gets easier.

Keyword search

When running search campaigns, comprehensive keyword research should be one of the first tasks you do, and it’s important to look at the following three metrics:

  • Estimated search volume: Choosing a keyword with low search volume can limit performance.
  • Keyword difficulty: A keyword with a lot of competition will prove more expensive to bid on.
  • CPC: The auction price indicates whether it is profitable to pursue the term.

From here, you also want to look at related keywords, keyword variations, and search FAQs containing your keyword.

In order to increase sales and leads, you need to be able to target the right type of customers who are looking for products and services relevant to your business.

It’s also an ongoing process. In the beginning, it’s best to start with a small set of keywords so that you can easily monitor what works well, and then you should add to these keywords and remove the ones that don’t work as you go.

Performing this type of search is difficult without tools. You can do a lot of it manually by searching over and over on Google, but with a tool, all you have to do is enter your keyword ideas and it will automate the process for you.

What tool(s) should you use

When you start searching for keywords there A number of great tools are available It shows you key metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost per click.

When your ad campaigns run, the Adzooma platform It gives you keyword recommendations within the Opportunities feature. This means that you will never have to go back through the keyword research process again.

The platform looks at the performance value of the last 30 days and identifies new keywords that will drive more clicks and conversions.

You can apply these recommendations to your account with just a few clicks.

Account maintenance

It is important to log into your Google, Microsoft or Facebook accounts every day or so for general maintenance and campaign optimization.

There is always room for improvement and there are always opportunities to improve account performance, whether that’s reallocating budgets or changing geo-targeting.

This maintenance can take a long time. Navigating every part of your account for opportunities is long and hard work, but this is where automation comes in.

With automation, you can restore your weekly work hours by applying recommendations, such as:

  • Keyword optimization: Pause non-converting keywords, increase bids for successful keywords, add negative keywords, etc.
  • Reallocate budgetsIncrease budgets for effective campaigns and change budget delivery.
  • Fix spelling errorsAdjust grammatical and spelling errors in your ad copy.
  • Enable ad schedulingFix wasteful spending by showing ads only when they are most effective.
  • Change site targetingTarget only the important people.

Not all paid ad maintenance can be automated, but there are areas that you can fix with just a few clicks that will have a huge impact on campaign performance.

What tool(s) should you use

Adzooma It offers hundreds of powerful recommendations for Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ads, many of which can be applied with a single click.

It makes optimizing your account much easier and will greatly improve your campaign performance.

You can see just a few of the recommendations below:

3 Paid Advertising Tasks Per Day You Should Automate & # 038;  The tools you need


Reporting remains one of the most important aspects of PPC.

Reporting allows you to communicate clearly with your stakeholders to give them a full understanding of the work you do and allows you to easily explain and articulate your strategy.

Reporting also allows you to step away from nitty-gritty data and get a bird’s-eye view of your total paid ad activity, as you can compare Google performance against Facebook performance or analyze customer journey models in more depth.

However, manually compiling data from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads and importing it into a visually compelling spreadsheet can take hours. It’s the time of the work week that you shouldn’t miss.

This is where the tools come in. Reporting tools allow you to create attractive reports by dragging and dropping key metrics from a number of different sources into your dashboard.

It takes minutes and from there you can easily download the report and send it to your key stakeholders.

What tool(s) should you use

the Adzooma platform It is the latest version of Paid Ads Reporting that offers a number of different features, including:

  • PPC performance reportIdentifies where you can improve your campaigns and allows you to take action from the report.
  • Best and worst performance: Shows the best and worst performing keywords, ads, and campaigns across Google, Microsoft, and Facebook accounts.
  • Cross-channel reporting: Compares ad accounts from two different networks (for example, Google and Microsoft) and determines the best performers.

You can also create your own report within the platform as well by dragging and dropping the key metrics that matter to you.

From there, you can download the report as a PDF and send it to key stakeholders.

3 Paid Advertising Tasks Per Day You Should Automate & # 038;  The tools you need

An accurate understanding of paid advertising success

Automation has been a buzzword in marketing circles for many years, and it has its detractors and its disciples. However, it is a careful approach to be taken in automation.

Automation is clearly a boon for menial tasks. But for tasks that require a human touch, too much reliance on automation can lead to detrimental results.

So be vigilant. Don’t let automation take over and always make sure you stay on top of your campaigns yourself and stay healthy skeptical about the recommendations you receive.

It’s this careful approach that will not only save you time, but will help you navigate the complexities of PPC better than ever before.

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