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10 Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Your Ecommerce Strategy

You’ve done the hard part – you’ve developed a product, bought a domain name, found the manufacturer, and your inventory is ready to go.

Unfortunately, without a functional and beautiful Shopify store, you may not see the success you deserve.

Shopify store is not only the way you present your product to your target audience but also the place where you can generate sales.

A great Shopify store that has many things:

  • It looks nice. This means that information is easy to understand, and your products are displayed professionally. This is where a cool theme comes into play (more on that later).
  • It navigates well. This means that it is easy for your website visitors to know immediately where to find answers to their questions, where to contact you if needed, and where and how to make a purchase.
  • It is set up for SEO. We all know you write for users, not bots, but SEO is still important for Shopify. We won’t be detailing SEO tips in this article, but visit here for more information on how to optimize your store for search.

If you’re just starting out, the easiest way to understand what makes a good Shopify store is to see examples of those who do it best.

This can help inspire how you set up your store and your ecommerce strategy as a whole.

How many touchpoints do you wish to see a purchase?

Which pages will your remarketing ads be shown on?

What are the most hit photos to share on social media?

These are all aspects of your ecommerce strategy that can start with a great Shopify store.

Here are some of our favorites and why we love them so much.

While some larger sites may use a custom Shopify theme (that’s where you can still get inspired!), if we can find a Shopify theme in use, we’ve added that for you below:

1. Greystone Bakery

Screenshot from Greyston Bakery, July 2022

Located in southwest Yonkers, New York, this B Corporation is known for its brownies that you enjoy in Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

The company prides itself on providing personal development and professional training tools to give anyone who works there the best chance of success.

It accepts all applicants regardless of prior incarceration, homelessness, or drug use.

A truly inspiring place with an amazing product, it’s #1 on our list for a reason.

We love the use of color and a bold call to action as soon as you land on the site.

“Shop by price” is also a nice feature that you don’t see in every e-commerce store, but it’s a quick and easy way to get people what they want without having to sift through something outside your price range (which can often lead to bounces).

2. Membership is happy

Happy Organics Shopify storeScreenshot from Happy Organics, July 2022

Happy Organics is the business of three generations of beekeepers.

The company first started in Mexico, when the father of the family was diagnosed with cancer, and could no longer care for the bees.

So, his kids found a way to use that same honey, infusing it with CBD to improve his pain.

As it turns out, there has been a long list of therapeutic benefits to CBD and honey, which you can read more about on their site.

As you can see on their site, the words “Bundle & Save” are first on the list.

This usually catches the visitor’s attention and drives traffic to the page.

The company is likely to want people to visit that particular page because it saves the customer money by bundling and allows Happy Organics to upsell.

It’s the win.

  • Shopify Theme: superstore.

3. Bombas

Bombas shopify storeShot from Bombas, July 2022

Another classic, Bombas got its start on Shark Tank.

Although Shark Daymond John says he tuned them in right away and was thinking about the next pitch, the quality of their socks won him over.

Bombas have since expanded beyond just socks and are currently the most successful company to ever come out of the show.

The best part?

A portion of its proceeds are and always are donated.

In terms of its own Shopify store, Bombas is connected.

It keeps it simple with different categories and doesn’t clutter up the menu with different options.

If you visit the Bombas website, you’ll see plenty of well-placed CTAs that allow the visitor to clearly understand their options while urging them to buy (note the “Get 20% Off” link at the bottom!).

4. Patagonia

Patagonian shopify storeScreenshot from Patagonia, July 2022

This is a company you’ll see on many of the “best Shopify sites” because their store is complex (with just a few products!), but beautifully organized with sections and subsections.

Not only does Patagonia insure everything it makes, but the team places an emphasis on environmental and social responsibility, pledging 1% of sales to preserve and restore the natural environment.

As one of the largest outdoor brands, Patagonia does a great job demonstrating what makes the company unique and making it easy to find what you need with just a few clicks.

5. Cheekbone beautification

Chickbone beauty shopify storeScreenshot from Cheekbone Beauty, July 2022

Cheekbone Beauty has a great story, and they make sure to highlight it right on the homepage of their Shopify store.

All of the company’s products are vegan and cruelty-free, and they have a commitment to becoming zero-waste by 2023.


Not only is Cheekbone’s product sustainable and good for the environment (it uses 85% less plastic than traditional lipstick tubes), but the team donates 10% of its profits each year.

  • Shopify Theme: Block Shop.

6. Pepcorn

Pipcorn Shopify StoreScreenshot from Pipcorn, July 2022

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks is another Shark Tank find.

After appearing on the show, the brand’s sales increased from From $200,000 to $1.1 million It saw 12,000 orders delivered – nearly 11,000 more than ever before.

It’s safe to say that Pipcorn has kept the momentum going and is now one of the best popcorn brands on the market.

The company reimagined popcorn using heirloom corn because it’s more environmentally sustainable (and also more nutritious).

One thing we love about this store is the emphasis it places on the family-owned side of the product—and if you visit the Pipcorn blog, you’ll see that they also support small, family-owned businesses.

The store also places discounts in just the right places and recommends items to add after viewing your cart, making buying super easy!

  • Shopify Theme: theme writer.

7. Olipop

Olipop shopify storeScreenshot from Olipop, July 2022

Visit the Olipop website and you’ll see rotating displays at the top of your screen – the only one on this list to do so – and a very simple design.

Olipop tastes like a traditional soda, but supports your microbiome and digestive health support with plant-based fibers, prebiotics, and botanicals.

to me ShopifyWhen considering your Shopify store,

“Think about how you want customers to feel when they shop with you. Do you want them to feel cool and summery? Or how about warmth and comfort? The colors you use will affect how shoppers feel, so use your color palette wisely.”

Olipop is the perfect example of a color-focused brand.

8. A delicious bow tie

Tasty Tie shopify storeScreenshot from Tasty Tie, July 2022

These baby ties with a teether at the end are so cute, but they also have a great Shopify store to boot.

As you scroll down the page, you will notice that this store is all about features and benefits.

While it is immediately obvious what the product is, there are many less obvious benefits also listed right there on the homepage.

For example, the tie has a crinkle texture (something you can’t see clearly in the photo), and the content page draws a picture explaining why this is important.

In short, this is a good place to start if you’re looking for content inspiration for your Shopify store.

  • Shopify Theme: enhance.

9. Allbirds

Allbirds Shopify StoreScreenshot from Allbirds, July 2022

This and the next example on our list are widely considered to be great Shopify store examples, and for good reason.

Featuring great photos, bright colors, and easy navigation, the Allbirds store defines the company’s approach to sustainability with clear initiatives:

  • Reverse climate change.
  • Improving your carbon footprint.
  • Renewable agriculture.
  • Use renewable materials.
  • Offer carbon offsets.
  • Focus on responsible energy.

Allbirds has created a page for each of these initiatives with all the necessary details. Truly an inspiration.

10. Rugged

Ruggable Shopify storeScreenshot from Ruggable, July 2022

Ruggable is the only store on this list that really uses video in their product presentation.

If you are looking for an inspirational video, this is the one you must check out.

It also has a “find your perfect rug” button front and center, where users can take a quiz to filter their rugs based on what works best for them.

This is a fun and interactive way to make customers feel like their experience is more personalized.

The more I learn about Ruggable, the more I realize that this has definitely guided the e-commerce strategy of the brand as a whole.

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Featured image: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock

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