What’s Going On With Ford Maverick Orders?

Being a compact Ford, the 2023 Maverick has been very popular. It has been proven that people are willing to spend money on a subcompact pickup, even if it has a hybrid engine. But, if you have placed an order, it is quite possible that you have not received your truck yet. So what exactly is going on with Ford Maverick orders?

Does Ford still accept Maverick orders?

Unfortunately, if you want a 2023 Maverick, you can no longer order one. It was as if once Ford opened, it was forced shut. This is because the demand is too high, and the supply is unable to keep up.

Blue Oval is taking steps to help mitigate issues with production and supply. But things seem to still be somewhat supported.

When does production of the 2023 Maverick begin?

Production began in November 2022. Truck shipments began the following month and deliveries have continued since then. Apparently, if your truck hasn’t been built yet, you can still change what each compact pickup truck comes with. With supply chain issues resolved, making changes may actually speed up your maverick build.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford Media Center
Say goodbye to the 2023 Ford Maverick

In the past, the spray bed lining was hit hard by supply and demand. But now, if you get the optional FMS, you can get this feature for free.

The Tremor package is still popular

One of the big changes is the addition of the Tremor package. This option makes the Maverick a fairly capable off-road truck. Although it rides on a monorail platform. With the Tremor package, you get revised all-wheel drive, a one-inch lift, and some other off-road goodies.

Since Maverick Tremor is so popular, it is also affected by supply issues. So if you have placed an order for one of them, it may take some time before you get it.

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