What Is VW’s IQ.Drive?

the modern naming convention adds a bunch of funky new prefixes. They are not super intuitive to decode, like those of electric cars and SUVs. One of the most misunderstood and enigmatic is the new IQ.Drive system. What is IQ.DRIVE and what does it mean?

What is IQ.DRIVE?

Volkswagen ID.4 SUV | Volkswagen

Each manufacturer has a branded driver assistance system. In VW’s case, this is the IQ.DRIVE system for its cars and SUVs. The IQ.DRIVE system combines cameras and sensors to help the driver stay safer. The system combines several common features, such as adaptive cruise control which uses sensors to detect cars ahead and maintain a following distance. It also has lane keep assist, a front assist feature that monitors the road and can brake the car on its own, it also has a rear traffic alert that can spot cars behind you when you back up.


Is the VW IQ transmission standard?

A turquoise Volkswagen ID.4 EV parked in front of the port of a Greek island.
Volkswagen ID.4 | Volkswagen

VW IQ.DRIVE is not standard on all VWs. Today, IQ.Drive can be found on most VW cars and SUVs. However, it is standard on the 2023 Volkswagen Areton SUV and SUV. For most vehicles, it is part of an upgrade package. The sedan, ID.5 and ID.8 SUV will also have the system.

Today, VW produces various SUVs, sedans and small hatchbacks.

How much does the Volkswagen IQ drive cost?

The IQ.DRIVE system is standard on the company’s electric vehicles. However, if you get a gas-powered VW, you’ll need to order an upgrade pack to get the system. On the best-selling three-row SUV, for example, the standard S version, which starts at $28,245, doesn’t come with IQ.DRIVE. However, for $895 you can add the system as a standalone option. Other, more expensive versions of the Tiguan have the standard system.

The seven-seater Atlas, VW’s second best-selling vehicle according to , also offers IQ.DRIVE. The large three-row SUV starts at $35,150, but it’s only an option for high-end trim.

What is VW’s 4Motion?

A green 2022 Volkswagen Atlas midsize SUV is driving off-road.
The Volkswagen Atlas 2022 | Volkswagen

Many assume that IQ Drive adds all-wheel drive to a VW. It is not so. Instead, VW’s all-wheel drive system is called 4Motion. 4Motion comes in several flavors, depending on which car you get, but you won’t notice any difference on the road.

VW’s smaller models, like the Golf, which is normally a front-wheel drive car, get a system built by Haldex. This system uses an electronic clutch system to send power to the rear wheels. Others, such as the brand’s SUVs, have a Torsen system, which is always active and transmits power from front to rear depending on the mechanical grip. For all-wheel drive in its electric cars, VW simply adds a second motor to boost power.

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