What Does VW’s ID. Mean?

Many of you may have noticed that many of Volkswagen’s new cars and SUVs have the obscure ID prefix. and ID.3 and ID.Buzz have one thing in common. These are all new electric models. But ID. it doesn’t stand for “identification” or just the opposite of an “ego,” but something else.

What does Volkswagen ID mean. to be going to?

Volkswagen ID.4 SUV | Volkswagen

According to Volkswagen, “ID. stands for intelligent design, identity and visionary technologies. In this process, ID. it is not an abbreviation of a certain term, but rather symbolically represents the various properties brought together in these vehicles. But each ID. vehicle has many things in common he said. Each will have automated driving assistance, zero emissions, over-the-air updates and personalized networking.

it is, of course, the race car.

The 4 in means it’s an electric SUV, and all even-numbered vehicles will be SUVs. But the numbers are a little confusing: The new ID.5 sedan was launched earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The ID.Buzz is VW’s new throwback-style minivan. The upcoming 2024 ID.7 is also a sedan, while the ID.8 is expected to arrive as a large SUV.

What is the VW ID.4?

The second ID. vehicle, the , is VW’s new all-electric SUV. The SUV was VW’s most anticipated model as it fits into the hugely popular compact SUV space. It starts at around $40,000 and has ample space and comfort for five people. It has just 201 horsepower in the standard version and a range of 275 miles.

The high-performance version, the Pro model, has an extra motor on the front wheels that adds four-wheel drive. It also boosts the ID.4 to 295 horsepower. However, its range drops to 208 miles. It’s even faster with more power. Because the ID.4 is made in the United States, it is available for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

What is ID.Buzz?

A green and white Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric minibus from 2024 is driving on the road.
The 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz | Volkswagen

The new one commemorates the beloved VW Type 2 Microbus, but reinvents it as an electric vehicle. It shares the MEB platform with the ID.4, with 201 horsepower but has 260 miles of range. It will come as a similar dual-engine setup that also has 295 horsepower. The ID.Buzz is expected to arrive in 2024 in the US for around $40,000.

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