Watch: Toyota Camry Flips in Car Wash When 77-Year-Old Man Slams on Gas — Viral Video!

In theory, automatic car washes offer a more convenient alternative than hand washing. You just pay the money, pull up to the kiosk, let the machines do the work, and drive off in your sparkling clean car. However, in reality, an automatic car wash is not always a convenient endeavor. A 77-year-old man in Pennsylvania discovered this in a freak car accident. He flips his Camry into an automatic after accidentally hitting the gas.

A YouTube video of a 77-year-old driver tipping a Toyota Camry into an automatic car wash

Toyota Camry turns on its side after a car wash accident | 6ABC Philadelphia via YouTube

Last week, exclusive footage of the horrific car wash accident was obtained. She posted the video to YouTube, and it has since gone viral. The accident occurred at the Wave Car Wash in Colomar, a suburb in Montgomery County.

Pay tolls in front of the automatic car wash gate. Then, the elderly man accidentally hits the gas and crashes through the gate – the driver’s side door still open. The Camry accelerated and darted menacingly into the car wash, briskly moving along the track. It then hit the right side of an archway in front of the machine – and flipped onto its side.

The driver was trapped in the Camry for over 90 minutes, then was taken to hospital with leg injuries

The 77-year-old driver’s harrowing ordeal did not stop there. After that, he was trapped inside his Camry for more than 90 minutes while crews tried to rescue him. Once he was released, paramedics took the elderly man to the area hospital to treat his leg injuries. However, it is expected that.

6 ABC Philadelphia spoke with Bill Ashmead, a Colmar resident who came to wash his car shortly after the accident. He said, “I can’t even imagine turning a car inside a car wash. I don’t think this has happened before.”

Darren Kabangi, owner of Wave Car Wash, also issued a statement to 6ABC Philadelphia. In the statement, he expressed his gratitude that there were no serious injuries. However, he also expressed concerns about how the accident could negatively affect his work.

“We are relieved that no one was seriously injured. This was a very unfortunate serious accident for our customers and our equipment. Being a small business owner is not easy, accidents like this don’t make it any easier,” said Kabanji.

Older adults are not the age group that causes most car accidents

First responders by Toyota Camry after 77-year-old driver overturned it in a car wash accident when he ran over the petrol
Toyota Camry turns on its side after a car wash accident | 6ABC Philadelphia via YouTube
The car wash defrauded workers of $800,000 at $7 an hour, forcing them to pay

For many, it would be natural to assume that diminished faculties as a result of “aging” were the main reason the 77-year-old driver flipped his Toyota at the automatic car wash. This is suggested by a large number of video commentators. Some have even indicated the need for stricter regulations for senior drivers:

  • “Some people can’t admit (mostly to themselves) the diminishment that comes with aging. It’s very hard to admit that you’re getting old.”
  • “Come on, Grandpa, it’s time to hand in that driver’s license!”
  • Older drivers cause more deaths and accidents than any other group. Mandatory motor skills tests must be taken [be] Required at age 65+.”

However, studies show that senior drivers are not the age group that causes the most accidents. It . As detailed by the United States Census Bureau, a US Census Bureau study showed that teen drivers cause 12% of car accidents, compared to 7.5% for older adults (65 and older). Also, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that teens are three times more likely to be involved in car accidents than drivers over the age of 20.

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