Want a Unique Pickup Truck? Buy This Porsche 944 Six-Wheel Ute

If you are going to make a cartoon from your photo, then you have to be serious. And by that, we mean the changes you make and the quality you put in has to be way above par. So, it’s not so much a cartoon as an attention grabber. That’s definitely what this six-wheeled pickup is, a delicious and crazy pickup conversion that commands attention.

Who built the Porsche 944 pickup?

Porsche 944 six-wheeled Ute | 914 Boxer Garage

How do you not want to check details while wondering why? And who built it? That part is easy, in Germany is the construction, and it only took them 26 years to do it.

The shop truck started out as an Infantry 944 S. The Ute has over 2,500 hours in it. A 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine modified from the 968 powers the pickup, which spins a transmission from an Audi 200 Turbo in the rear. This is due to the dual rear ends, with strength to both.

The front end comes from the 944 S2, with 924 Carrera GT headlights. It has a bed over six and a half feet long, the same as most half-ton short-bed trucks. The bed floor is oak.

Porsche 944
Porsche 944 six-wheeled Ute | 914 Boxer Garage

If you don’t have any consideration, then it is. The Ute has a tailgate, backup camera and hitch. You don’t need any of those in a street cruiser. And if you thought it wouldn’t pass an inspection, it passed the German TÜV test, which is hard to do with a modified car.

It’s for sale, what’s the price?

Porsche 944
Porsche 944 six-wheeled Ute | 914 Boxer Garage

After lengthening the body and building the roof of the Targa, it was time to paint. Porsche Continental Orange is the vibrant colour. It was used in many Porsches in the 1970s. Inside, the seats are black leather with orange inlays and stitching. The driver’s seat is also heated.

The good news is. But the bad news is that the asking price is $189,500, not that it’s not worth every penny. The price exceeds most new pickups including the electric range. Not that they are apples and apples because they are not. It’s more like apple and guava.

So if you are looking for a work truck combined with some fame, this is the one to have.

Porsche 944
Porsche 944 six-wheeled Ute | 914 Boxer Garage

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