Using Google Trends To Optimize Your Content Strategy Timing [Podcast]

Create content Want to see what was popular in search last week, month or year? Google Trends can help you find useful and timely data. But how do you use it effectively?

If you want to create content that stays ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest trends is a must. And our guest has some inside tips to help you out.

Having previously held SEO positions at some of the world’s largest publications, Louisa Fram knows SEO news. She knows how to use shout-outs to her advantage.

Now, she is now the trends coordinator at Google. And I joined Lauren Baker to discuss Google Trends and how you can use them to plan your content.

What makes Google Trends so useful is that it shows exactly what people have searched for in the past hour or any time frame. Use it to pick up hot stories, plan your marketing strategies, and more. Learn how to push your content to the top with the unique features of Google Trends.

As the curators of Google Trends, we are data journalists. It’s all about mining through a lot of data in terms of search queries and what people are interested in at any given time. It sorts it out and puts it together in a way that is easy for the general public to understand. – Louisa Fram, 11:30

The real-time insights you get from Google Trends, which sets it apart from everything else. – Louisa Frehm 29:25

I really like the way you can navigate on the local to pull up some orientation information. — Loren Baker, 14:04

[00:01] How did Louisa get a job at Google?
[08:25] – What Louisa is doing right now in Google Trends.
[15:07] What are the sub-modules of Google Trends?
[16:05] How SEO professionals can benefit from Google Trends.
[18:48] Can Google Trends be used to predict future content?
[20:32] What is the difference between incremental queries and top queries?
[21:52] How to use Google Trends to influence new product development.
[24:09] An example of bloating.
[25:51] What is the difference between 30 and 90 in Google Trends.
[27:03] – A good way to bypass keywords with keywords and long tail.
[27:52] Front end hack.
[28:58] Is there a difference between the data in Google Trends vs. Keyword Planner & Keyword Research Tools?
[30:32] – Can you set alerts and can they be country specific?
[32:44] A quick case study of water pills.
[35:46] – Look at the decreasing trends.
[38:25] Urban Dictionary Challenge: The most popular search on Google Trends right now.
[40:45] Last minute tips for using Google Trends for the holiday season.
[48:14] – What are the separate inquiries?

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It’s really exciting to match trends accordingly because I know in the SEO world it’s very easy for us to just make an assumption. – Lauren Baker, 39:07

For SEOs specifically, Google Trends will really help you, especially in incremental queries, to find the detailed questions that people are searching for. – Louisa Frehm 16:08

Google Trends really stood out from all the other tools for me because of its real-time capabilities. – Louisa Fram, 10:12

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