TikTok Shopping 101: Everything You Need To Know

Without a doubt, TikTok was the #1 most downloaded social media app in the first quarter of 2022.

The platform already has it More than 1 billion active users, and although it started as a music-focused app that encouraged people to sing along to their favorite songs, there is now a variety of content featuring more original videos from users.

In 2022, it has become a major trend for brands to show their personality and interact with members of their communities through video specifically.

Social media apps, such as TikTok, allow brands to interact more with their customers, which increases brand awareness, as well as customer loyalty.

So the question is easy: why not shopping on TikTok next?

But first: the TikTok phenomenon

TikTok is like an updated version of the extinct social media app “Vine,” which was removed from the App Store in 2016.

Vine allowed users to post videos up to seven seconds long, and the content was similar to some videos posted on TikTok today.

according to multiple studiesMillennials have an attention span of about 12 seconds, and Gen Z is about 8 seconds, so the short video phenomenon made sense.

Technology company ByteDance saw an opportunity and took advantage of it, creating TikTok.

When you open the app, the first thing you’re directed to is the For You page, which promotes videos most likely to match your interests and catch your eye.

By contrast, other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook fill your feed with posts from people and brands that you primarily follow.

The TikTok algorithm is designed to keep the user engaged with new posts from strangers that might interest them and keep them scrolling.

The “For You” page may be TikTok’s most successful feature on the app because it creates content every second tailored to each user’s individual interests, so you can see how that success leads to the social platform’s next phase: TikTok shopping.

What is TikTok Shopping?

Tik Tok shopping is an easy way for users to buy products they see on TikTok without having to leave the app (very similar to Instagram shopping, which you can learn more about here).

TikTok is making it easier for retailers in the e-commerce industry by promoting products and services that consumers can buy directly on their platform.

Leveraging products that are already being promoted on TikTok by influencers, and eliminating the step of going to the website where the product is offered, is where TikTok shopping comes in handy.

Many brands use influencers in their TikTok marketing campaigns by sending their products to people who have a lot of followers and asking them to promote their products.

Sometimes reviews are voluntary and honest, but most of the time, influencers get paid and will promote positive feedback on whatever the company wants them to promote.

How consumers buy products is simple:

  • First, they see a product they like and then they find the brand’s TikTok page (Or watch some while strolling in the app!). Businesses promoting products on TikTok will have a dedicated Shopping tab right on their profile.
  • The customer can then browse through the variety of products offered by the company and choose the exact product they want.
  • When done shopping, TikTok allows users to purchase items directly on the appor it will automatically redirect you to the company’s website to pay.

Below is an example from one of the first brands to implement a TikTok Shop, Kylie Cosmetics, which shows both the link to the TikTok shop and then what happens when the link is clicked.

Again, the interface is similar to Instagram, which makes this an easy transition for brands to tap into a new audience, as well as consumers who use both platforms:

Screenshot from TikTok, June 2022

How to set up your TikTok shopping experience

If you’re in the US and reading this, it’s probably because you couldn’t find anywhere that explained how to get started.

That’s because TikTok Shopping hasn’t officially launched in the US yet (Kylie Cosmetics was, unsurprisingly, part of an experiment).

While some sources may say that this feature is open to everyone in the US, the truth is that it will be rolling out in the next few months.

Check back here for an update when the time comes, and we’ll walk you through the setup process!

At this time, when I was Google “TikTok Seller Central,” you will be taken to this page Where you will see the seven regions of Asia and the only region in the UK that has access to TikTok shopping.

TikTok StoreScreenshot from TikTok, June 2022

TikTok shopping best practices

In the meantime, start paying attention to the accounts and brands you follow — the bigger brands are more likely to set up and run their stores first.

Watch their videos and strategies, so you’ll be ready to roll when it’s time for your action.

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Post original content that shows off your sense of humor

Posting snippets of real people using your product and creating montages will not only make it look more realistic, but it will encourage your customers to engage with your brand more.

2. Make use of existing directions and audio recordings

Whether it’s a dance or a song that’s popular around the world on TikTok, brands that benefit from participating in trending trends are successful brands.

3. Collaborate with influencers

Not only will collaborating with other influencers attract new customers to your brand, but it will increase overall brand awareness.

completely 70% Many teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities, so when influencers are marketing your products, they are really influencing the buying decisions of their audience.

4. Give Users Full Screen Focus (Vertical Video)

TikTok is programmed to only fit vertical videos, unlike other social media apps, such as Youtube and Twitter, where you can turn your phone sideways, and the content still fits on the screen.

Posting videos on TikTok that give users a full screen focus is crucial to maintaining a neat and professional image for the viewer.

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Featured image: Lyubov Levitskaya/Shutterstock

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