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TikTok Introduces Interactive Add-Ons For Ads

TikTok now allows advertisers to integrate interactive add-ons into in-feed ads.

These interactive elements, which include pop-ups, gestures, and stickers, are intended to help brands engage and engage viewers.

The social media platform, which currently has more than 1 billion monthly active users, seeks to provide advertisers with more options to create audience engagement in a full screen and audio playback environment.

This addition opens up a number of creative new options for advertisers, allowing them to enhance their existing TikTok advertising strategy or implement a new one.

New visuals provide advertisers with opportunities to engage

According to TikTok, “Interactive add-ons correspond to campaigns geared towards app installs, conversion, reach, and frequency (traffic and video views).”

Depending on the advertiser’s goals, they can choose from several types of interactive add-ons, which come in two tiers: Standard and Premium.

Standard add-ons are intended to help marketers achieve lower funnel marketing goals such as clicks and conversions. They include:

  • Display Cards: To visually highlight messages, share offers, or drive traffic to an app or website.
  • gift code stickers: To boost conversions, attract new buyers and gain the loyalty of existing customers.
  • Vote stickers: To encourage audience participation, build relationships, and collect feedback.
  • countdown stickers: To create a sense of urgency and create buzz about current or upcoming events.

Premium add-ons are meant to help brands reach top funnel goals like raising awareness and building a community. These currently include:

  • Pop-up galleries: To highlight your offer and increase clicks that lead users further through the sales funnel.
  • Gestures: It aims to delight the masses and increase participation.

TikTok also plans to include the addition of Super Like 2.0 to its premium offering. This will create floating icons that appear when the ad interacts with a popup card display that directs to a landing page.

Interaction drives action

Test marketing has proven effective, both online and in person.

to me Search by Finance Online85% of consumers indicated that they were more likely to make a purchase after participating in the brand experience.

In its own research, TikTok found that users, “who share, like or comment on a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to purchase a product or service.”

Those people, whom the social media platform refers to as “brand invitees,” are 350% more likely to visit a brand’s physical store and 40% more likely to visit an advertiser’s website or app.

While these stats are based on current usage trends and therefore do not include data from newly released interactive add-ons, they still hint at the strength of interaction on the platform.

Source: Tik Tok

Featured image: art_inside/Shutterstock

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