The USPS Hopes to Go Fully Electric With New Mail Truck

The United States Postal Service is an agency that almost every American relies on. For the longest time, deliveries were made by Grumman LLV mail or other fleet vehicles. But soon, a new delivery vehicle will be showing up at your door, the Oshkosh Next Generation Delivery Vehicle. By 2026, it is expected to be electric.

Who Makes USPS EV Trucks?

Oshkosh is the company that has won the contract to manufacture the new electric mail vans. Oshkosh Defenses was awarded the contract in 2021. But things got really complicated shortly after USPS placed an order for its new mail trucks.

the agency will have one of the largest electric fleets in the country by 2028.

USPS is exploring an entire fleet of electric mail trucks

By 2028, 45,000 mail trucks will be electric. Trucks delivered after 2026 will be fully electric. Doing so would help the USPS reduce its environmental impact, and show that electric vehicles are capable of doing legitimate work.

Since most mail trucks run on a specific route, it makes sense to adopt electric technology. They don’t really drive all that far, and after the route is complete, they can be plugged back in for charging.

Oshkosh NGDV | Oshkosh Defense

Now, making USPS fleets all-electric comes with some logistical challenges. Post offices will need shipping infrastructure, which doesn’t come for free. Total investment in the electricity sector is expected to reach $9.6 billion, of which $3 billion will come from the Inflation Reduction Law.

Although it doesn’t sound cheap, these improvements will have their benefits. And they show that the Postal Service is willing to change in order to be better for the environment.

What will happen to Grumman LLV?

He has faithfully served the USPS and its customers for years. They are an icon on American roads, and the LLV has certainly lasted longer than it was originally designed to be.

Now, some people might be interested in purchasing a USPS mail truck, and retiring Grumman LLV might help with that. Sometimes, these vehicles can show up at auction, and frankly, they’re not that expensive.

Grumman LLV is a premium USPS mail truck

If you are looking to purchase a mail truck, there are a few important things to know. Basically the fact that this is the purpose. It lacks amenities, not all-wheel drive, and you can get into trouble if you appear to be impersonating a mail carrier.

But for a certain person, owning a piece of USPS history may be worth those sacrifices. I know from my fascination with all things USPS, I wouldn’t mind seeing my Grumman LLV sitting in my driveway.

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