The Top 3 Ways To Build Authority By Going Beyond Just Link Building

You want your online business to thrive. One of the best ways to do this is to create website authority – and the key to building a successful authority is to build trust with your audience.

With the advent of AI tools, you must publish high-quality content that stands out from your competitors, who may be using tools like ChatGPT.

On March 15th, I moderated a webinar with Sabrina Hibbs, Vice President of Partner Development, and Jeremy Rivera, Director of Content Analysis at CopyPress.

Hipps and Rivera show how content promotion, link building, and original topical expertise can help you rank higher in SERPs and raise your authority online.

Below is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, Complete the application.

1. Create Unique Content Through First Hand Experience – Avoid AI, the “Cool Parrot”

In the world of content creation, where good content creators show their expertise, there are certain basic things that AI just can’t do.

  • AI cannot have a first person experience. They cannot think for themselves in the same way that humans think.
  • If the AI ​​follows a generative model, and it can’t discern the truth yet. If you check that some information is correct, you will find that it does not exist.

the Anti AI content is unique content That show this fact, experience and direct experience.

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2. Highlight the quality of authorship

Quality content includes everything from accuracy and error-free writing to clearly displaying expertise.

Ensure that your content is error-free

In many cases, low-quality content, or posts with misinformation and duplicate issues, can lead to undervaluing on SERPs or accidentally containing duplicate content.

Image created by CopyPress, Mar 2023

Add more “E” to EAT – Experiment

the problemTo combat low-quality SERPs, Google is seeking first-hand experience.

the solutionInvite a subject matter expert to review the content, check for factual inaccuracies, and add that extra layer of expertise to the content.

Writing Bridge ≠ Experience Gap

the problemIt is important to realize that writing ability is not synonymous with experience; Just because someone can write does not mean that they are accurate or expert on the subject.

the solution: Try pairing a subject matter expert with a solid writer who can interview and interject citations to help build better content.

ask questions

the problem: Sometimes, you may not have the in-house subject matter experts you need for a piece of content.

the solutionConduct outreach to gather expertise to enhance the quality of your content. First, consider what your audience wants to know. Next, ask three to ten questions to ask a professional.

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Click on social media

the problemWhere do you find the professionals you need to interview for your next piece of highly experienced content?

the solution: With so many experts creating on social media, it’s a great platform to take advantage of. Here are the basic communication steps you can take:

  • watching.
  • Involved.
  • get engaged.
  • network.

Doing so can also be considered link building in another sense. Because link building is marketing, and marketing is about building relationships.

Find allies who target your audience as well

Combine your outreach efforts with Nexus approach It helps you create relationships and connections that go beyond just linking.

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3. Use other permissions generators, in addition to links

One way to increase brand inquiries is through influencersAnd knowledge panel (which becomes part of the brand’s search results), and Mentionsed.

To increase the signals:

  • Use HARO & Terkel.
  • Dissemination of unique industry data.
  • Do something special that stands out.
  • Reach out to publishers with high traffic, not for links but for visibility and mentions.
  • Take advantage of influencers and industry experts.

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At the end of the day, when you post unique, relevant, and authoritative content, it gets referenced and cited by others.

[Slides] Find out the top 3 ways to build authority by going beyond Just Link Building

Here is the presentation:

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