The New Ford Mustang Dark Horse Packs 500 Horsepower

Despite the dwindling size of the mighty American auto market, the next generation of Mustangs is on the way. However, it’s not just the EcoBoost and GT in the S650 lineup; Ford has unveiled a special edition pony car with a sinister name. The new Ford Mustang Dark Horse keeps the V8 power, but it’s a raging 500 horsepower Coyote V8 this time around.

What is the dark horse Mustang?

The new Ford Mustang Dark Horse is the first special edition of the next generation S650. Complete with a new, forward-facing horse head badge, the new Dark Horse isn’t just a Bullitt or Mach 1; It’s a whole new chapter for the model. It may not pack the high-revving 5.2-liter engine from the S550 generation GT350, but the new Dark Horse promises power and track-ready credentials.

in place of the defective Getrag MT82 unit.

How much HP does the Dark Horse Mustang have?

The new Ford Mustang Dark Horse produces 500 horsepower and 418 lb-ft of torque from its Coyote V8 engine. This makes the upcoming special edition pony car the most powerful naturally aspirated Mustang in Ford’s lineup. Before Dark Horse, fans had access to the keys to the Shelby GT350. The now-discontinued GT350 produced 526 horsepower from the 5.2-liter Voodoo engine.

The new dark horse | stronghold

Moreover, the Dark Horse is the only car in the lineup with 100 hp per liter of displacement. It replaces the 480-horsepower non-Shelby option in Ford’s pony car lineup. On top of that, the new V8-powered GT also gets a power bump, increasing horsepower from 450 to 480 (486 with the exhaust upgrade).

Is the Dark Horse Mustang supercharged?

While the new 500-hp 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse promises muscle, it does so without a supercharger. Instead, Ford says it gave the new Mustang Dark Horse forged piston connecting rods, an upgraded crankshaft, and improved camshafts. The tag says the new setup will handle the added pressures up to its 7,500-rpm redline. On top of that, 500 horsepower makes the new track-ready car the most powerful non-Shelby Mustang ever.


How much will the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse cost?

Ford has not released any specific information about the prices of the upcoming 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse. However, you’d think a new, track-ready Mustang would start at around $60,000. That makes sense, given the average starting market for the Mach 1 is around $59,000. Moreover, Shelby and Ford will almost certainly produce the S650 Mustang together. However, that car will likely fill the role that the supercharged GT500 had in the lineup.

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