The Ford Ranger Is Losing the Mid-Size Truck Wars

The Ranger is a mid-size truck that was introduced a long time ago by Blue Oval. After a hiatus here in the US, it’s back in 2019, giving consumers another choice in this segment. Now, the important thing to note is that we got the fourth generation Ranger. Meanwhile, most of the world is enjoying the fifth-generation Ranger. And that may be the reason for the near bottom of the clip for the third quarter of 2022.

Is Ford Ranger worth buying?

With a starting MSRP of $27,400, the mid-size Ranger might be worth buying. It can tow up to 7,500 pounds, seat five passengers, and comes with a turbocharged engine. The problem may come from the fact that it’s the previous generation, at least here in the US.

You may be holding out for an updated truck.

The Ranger doesn’t do it that hot

According to the third quarter of 2021, Ford Ranger sales in the third quarter of 2022 were down about 13%. Just over 12,000 units of this mid-size truck have been sold. This is lower than competitors from other truck manufacturers.

The Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado each sold slightly more than the Ranger. Given how popular Ford’s largest truck, the F-150 is, these numbers may tell a confusing story.

Overseas, midsize truck sales across the board actually increased in the third quarter. This means that this truck from Ford was an underperformer when compared to the competition.

Part of the problem may be due to the fact that Ranger production is limited. The Ford Ranger is built in the same factory as the Bronco. Understandably, Blue Oval prioritized building its Bronco SUV over the old pickup truck. Once orders for that vehicle are dealt with, Ford can resume full production of the Ranger.

Will it be a new 2024 Ford Ranger?

Although rumors have been circulating that the 2023 Ranger will represent the next generation of this truck, it won’t be coming until 2024. At this point, we’ll be getting the fully updated version of Ford’s mid-size truck. And that probably breathes new life into this car.

2024 Ford Ranger | stronghold
Ford just teased a Ranger Raptor Rally Truck

With the redesigned Ranger on the horizon, some consumers may wait until they head to a dealership to pick up a pickup truck. And honestly, I can’t blame them.

It will likely have a 2024 Ford Ranger and a new engine. This truck is also expected to have an updated design, both inside and out. So it might be worth the wait.

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