The Biggest PPC Trends of 2022, According to 23 Experts [Ebook]

Are you ready to be more successful at PPC in 2022?

Then you need to keep up with PPC trends and strategies.

This eBook is packed with the ideas you need.

We interviewed 23 top PPC marketing experts to find out what trends matter most in 2022 in paid media – paid search, paid social, remarketing, and more.

in a Pay-per-click trends 2022, you will discover the PPC pay per click trends that will dominate the year. Then, use your newfound knowledge to plan your strategy.

Download it here.

Discover the pay-per-click trends that will dominate 2022 with this e-book:

  • Automation
  • First Party Data
  • Audience targeting and segmentation
  • Tests
  • diversification

and more.

We created this guide with our partners – TrueClicks, Titan Growth, And the rock content Offering uncensored, unfiltered wisdom and advice straight from the experts on how to succeed at PPC in 2022.

Read insights from these experts:

  • Andrea Azzurri, Co-Founder and Principal of Ambire
  • Julie Friedman-Pacini, President, Neptune Moon
  • Amalia Fowler, Instructor, BCIT and Google Ads Consultant, Good AF Consulting
  • Amy Bishop, Owner and Digital Marketing Consultant, Cultivative
  • Duane Brown, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, took some risks
  • Ilya Cherepakin, Consulting Director, Mighty Hive
  • Akvil DiFazio, President of AKvertise
  • Jeff Ferguson, Partner, Amplitude Digital
  • Brad Geddes, Co-Founder, Adalysis
  • Amy Hebdon, Founder of Paid Search Magic
  • Navah Hopkins, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Adzooma
  • Mark Irvine, Director of Paid Media, SearchLab Digital
  • Pauline Jacober, Founder and CEO, Twenty Seven Group
  • Tim Jensen, Campaign Manager, Clix Marketing
  • Robyn Johnson, CEO and Founder, Marketplace Blueprint
  • Sean Johnston, Vice President of Digital Advertising, Closed Loop
  • Jonathan A. Kagan, vice president of research, 9Rooftops
  • Aaron Levy, Head of Paid Search, Tenueti
  • Melissa Mackie, Director of Paid Search, MerkleB2B
  • Brooke Osmundson, Senior Director of Customer Strategy, NordicClick Interactive
  • Kimberly Shah, Senior Account Executive, Microsoft Advertising
  • Frederick Valais, Co-Founder and CEO, Optmyzr
  • AJ Wilcox, Founder of B2Linked

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