The 5 Best Small Luxury SUVS According to Edmunds

The small class is hyper-competitive. So when you want to launch a luxury nameplate, it becomes even more competitive with each manufacturer looking to outgun, fun, or pace each other. These are the SUVs you’ll most likely see in the pickup line at your local private school or in Trader Joe’s parking lot. But these SUVs offer the best of these five manufacturers, including lots of technology, speed, luxury and good looks, in a slightly larger package than .

Which five do Edmunds experts say are the best for 2023?

it should start appearing at dealers soon for around $45,000. But, even if you settle for a 2022, you’ll find the GLC more than capable. classified the 2022 version as SUV no. 2 for 2023, and reviewers will likely update the list after reviewing one.

No. 3: Acura RDX

A 2018 Acura RDX | Accurate

They may not offer the supple leather or nicer plastics of the Mercedes GLC, but that’s not the mission of this SUV. Instead, this SUV was designed to handle winding roads and look more like a tall, sporty SUV. It’s fast, and with the A-Spec SH-AWD, which is Acura’s all-wheel drive system, it grips the pavement better. The dash looks complicated and has any number of buttons, switches, and even a trackpad to control the screen.

It starts at around $43,000. But the Technology package, at $45,000, is the one to buy with the upgraded stereo and navigation.

No. 4: Porsche Macan

A small red 2023 Porsche Macan luxury SUV is parked.
The 2023 Porsche Macan | Porsche

Let’s get the price out of the way on the Macan. At $59,000, it’s the most expensive SUV on this list. But Porsche’s best-selling vehicle packs more performance and more fun than the others on this list, especially when it’s equipped with the twin-turbo V6 in S and GTS guises. Porsches have a distinct feel that appeals to the driver, but passengers can see and feel the Macan’s premium materials.

We love the potent 434-horsepower S version, but that updated engine pushes the price of this compact SUV to around $70,000.

No. 5: BMW X3

a gray BMW x3 on a winding road
2023 BMW X3 | BMW
What is Newsweek's best luxury SUV of 2022?

set the standard years ago. It’s received a minor styling update for 2022, but remains a solid, practical, sporty five-seater. Sure, you can beef up the M version and get a lot more power and performance that would put many sports cars to shame. It’s no Porsche Macan, but in the M40i version you get a 0-60 time of around 4.0 seconds.

It starts at around $47,000, with the M40i package adding $14,000 to the bottom line.

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